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Joint Attention for Autistic Learners

Joint attention is a super powerful foundational tool for working with autistic learners. Foundational communication must be explicitly taught to our autistic learners and joint …

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First Autism Connection

What an exciting opportunity coming soon with our new LIVE event, Autism Connection!! ABA Speech is partnering with Sasha Long, founder and president  of the …

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Using TikTok in Therapy

Who doesn’t love TikTok? If you haven’t heard about it before, TikTok is a fascinating platform of  short videos of literally everything! Hours can definitely …

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Play Skills Development

Play is this fascinating tool that allows children to absorb information, learn, engage, socialize, and communicate. Play is vital to children’s development. Play is a …

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5 Early Signs of Autism

Our children are precious. Our students are loved. We want the best for them no matter what, but what happens if you start to notice …

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AAC BONUS with Help Me Find My Voice

ABA Speech offers so many different opportunities for guiding you to help the children with autism in your life. There are opportunities to grow in …

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