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Start Communicating Today LIVE! 

By Rosemarie Griffin

Helping autistic toddlers and preschool aged students find their voices is truly my passion. Through ABA speech, I am so happy to continue to help SLPs and special education professionals, and even parents help children with autism find their voices. Start Communicating Today is a step by step course that is incredibly powerful, but now the same course is available LIVE! This LIVE course is perfect for early intervention, for parents, or professionals, to plan engaging sessions for getting our student to communicate, knowledge to know what skills to work on, and even confidence with IEP goals! The ASHA and ACE approved course is LIVE on June 7th and June 8th from 7:00-9:30 p.m. EST. 

Give Me the Details!

Start Communicating Today LIVE is a course built for all. This course is built for anyone working for learners with autism to learn how to plan activities and strategies for our earliest learners that are not yet communicating on their own. The course will have information, resources, examples, and best practice tools. You will walk about with actionable strategies and plans that can be used right away! Some of the topics include assessments, goal setting, expressive language, joint attention, group skills and even data collection. There will also be group therapy resources and ideas. 

Who can Benefit from the Course?

Are you a speech therapist just starting out with autisti students and you want a plan of action that will be best for getting your students to communicate? THis course is certainly for you. The course is going to give clear strategies and ideas and make those IEP goals straightforward and obtainable. 

Are you a speech therapist working with students with autism that are not making progress? This course is definitely for you. Let’s get to making a plan that will work for you and your youngest learners. The LIVE session makes it easier to ask questions and get answers on what activities are most engaging and most helpful immediately!

Special education professionals supporting autisitc students, guess what, you are in the right place too! This course is incredibly informative and will not let you down. Join us to learn the best ways to get our preschool students communicating through play or join attention and working towards clear communication now!

Parents! This is absolutely for you too! If you are one of the many parents starting your journey with an autism diagnosis, communication may be one of the areas you are ready to jump into helping your child with now. If you are on a waiting list or waiting for services to start, don’t wait! Join the course and the information will benefit you and your child immediately! Don’t forget the live format allows questions and answers to be immediate!

What will I learn?

Start Communicating Today LIVE is going to provide you with the best and most effective plan for engagement with our students with autism. Foundational skills will be a huge focus of this course. This LIVE course is going to give you ideas on how to engage learners in communication without pulling your hair out. These are tried and true, and successful activities and ideas! Start building that knowledge that is so imperative in working with children with autism. Build a roadmap of how to build communication and best support communication within these amazing children. Goal setting is also an incredible part of working with students with autism, but can be overwhelming. IEP goals are sometimes challenging to create for each specific child. We will dive into it and you will walk away confident about writing these IEP goals or for parents, understanding the goals and helping your children work towards them!

The Finer Details

First of all, you must register by June 5th so don’t wait! Join today! The ASHA and ACE approved course is LIVE on June 7th and June 8th from 7:00-9:30 p.m. EST.  To earn ASHA CEUs and ACEs, just attend live and fill out the evaluation afterwards! 
Can’t wait to see you all LIVE on June 7th and 8th! Start Communicating Today LIVE is going to be a huge game changer for anyone working for students with autism or for your own child! Sign up by June 5th to save your spot and come chat with me, ask questions, and gain insight into everything you need to know to get our littlest learners with autism working on those foundational communication skills and more!


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