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Summer Craft Compilation!

By Rosemarie Griffin

Summer will be here before we know it! I have gathered some of my favorite summer craft ideas from some amazing SLP’s to get you through the end of the school year and start the summer off right!

Summer Crab and Sandcastle Craft for Articulation, Phonology, and Language

Have some fun this summer with this interactive crab and sandcastle craftivity! This product includes a crab and sandcastle template and targets for the following goals:

Articulation: initial, medial, and final /K, G, F, V, J, L, S, R, CH, SH, TH/

Phonology: Final Consonant Deletion, Initial Consonant Deletion, Fronting, Backing, Cluster Reduction, Stopping, Gliding, Prevocalic Voicing, Syllable Reduction, Syllable Structure

Language: Regular Verbs, Irregular Verbs, Regular Plurals, Irregular Plurals, Pronouns, Objective Function, Adjectives, Synonyms, Antonyms, Multiple Meaning, Categories, Associations

Summer Speech and Language Craftivity: Speech Pops

Target TONS of articulation and language goals with this 77 page simple print, color, cut and glue Summer Themed popsicle craft. Upon completion of this craftivity with a group, all will be unique creations, perfect for a Summer themed bulletin board outside your room! This simple worksheet turned craft is a great minimal prep activity for this time of year.

I love functional crafts in speech therapy! Working on following directions that students hear frequently throughout their day is a necesssary skill. Cutting “around” and not “across” could mean the difference in creating or destroying their masterpiece resulting in a frustrated teacher and student.

Parents request activities to work on at home. These can be hung on the refrigerator and reviewed often!

These speech and language craftivities that are perfect for MIXED GROUPS require minimal preparation but allow for multiple repetitions and extension activities. This SUMMER themed craft is a great accompaniment to a SUMMER themed book or speech and language activity.

You’re One in a Melon” Card Template for Father’s Day

Your students will love making this silly watermelon while telling their dads/grandpas/uncles/special men in their lives how much they mean! Target concepts such as “on” and “bottom”, features of a watermelon, categories, as well as requesting and following directions.

Includes all templates necessary for the craft as well as detailed instructions with pictures and picture symbols to facilitate writing a message inside. ***Card template does NOT include specific title for male figure so you can tailor it to any special person and for any special holiday!

Summer Articulation and Language Ice Cream Craft

Practice articulation skills and language targets as you make this ice cream craft with your students. It targets initial and final articulation sounds, past tense verbs, plurals, summer vocabulary and categories. Summer Articulation and Language Ice Cream Craft is perfect for mixed groups. You can make an ice cream sundae or ice cream cones with this craft. It includes both color and black and white pages. A Bonus 50 trial ice cream articulation sheet is also included.

Speech and Language Targets

  • Initial and final K, G, F, V, Sh, Ch, Th, R, S, L, and Blends
  • Plurals
  • Past Tense Verbs
  • Summer Vocabulary
  • Categories
  • 50 trial ice cream articulation she

A Free Summer Speech Therapy Craft?  Yes please!

Are you looking for a summer speech therapy craft? Add some free summer sparkle to your speech room with this adorable pinwheel craft.  Kids can say their target words as they turn the pinwheel.  This is a great activity that can be sent home for practicing speech sounds. There is also an open-ended version included that would be great for any speech or language targets you want to add.

This would be a perfect activity for the Fourth of July.  It would be a fun spring activity as well.  Your students can color or draw on the back of printer paper or you can choose a patterned paper. Have fun and make it your own.


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