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By Rosemarie Griffin

This is HUGE! ABA Speech is having a sale! Have you been wavering, unsure if you were ready to dive into our two big courses, Start Communicating Today and Help Me Find My Voice? Well, here is your chance to jump into all of the knowledge the courses have to offer with a sale! Both courses will be on sale! We are taking $75 off each course for the month of July with the coupon code sunnysale75. Don’t wait. ABA Speech does not have sales often! Still unsure if you are ready to jump into one of the courses? Take a look at what they are all about below and you will be ready to take advantage of our huge discount! 

Start Communicating Today is for your preschool aged autistic learners. It is an online course, but also includes group coaching! It is perfect for educators, clinicians, and parents. After taking this course you will realize the difference you are making with young autistic learners in terms of communication. Everything you learn in this course will be accessible, usable, and of course, research based. This group is not hands off either. There is an entire community of professionals and parents at your fingertips. Not only does Start Communicating Today help parents help children meet communication goals in between therapies, it also helps SLPS build goals for IEP plans and provides a child centered approach that is perfect for working with autistic preschoolers. 

Start Communicating Today is going to be hugely impactful in assessing our autistic preschool learners that may have limited communication. You are going to see measurable improvement, have the research-based tools to engage even the youngest learners. Feel confident walking into the next IEP meeting because this course will prepare you to understand goals, achievement, and next steps in preschool autistic learners, either your own children or your clients. The course includes 5 hours of on-demand instruction, 11 downloadable resources, and 14 demonstration videos. Start Communicating Today is also ASHA approved and you will get monthly coaching calls, so anything you need guidance on can be discussed! Sales don’t happen often, so if you like what you are hearing, now is your chance to grab Start Communicating Today and make a powerful difference in the lives of autistic learners. 

Looking for school aged advice and ideas? Then Help Me Find My Voice is for you! This course is for autistic learners from K-5. Speech therapists have a lot on their plates and working with autistic students can sometimes be overwhelming without the right tools. Knowing the right assessments, being fully prepared for IEP meetings, and even behavioral challenges can be difficult. In Help Me Find My Voice, you will find the tools you have been looking for today and remember we’re having a sale so today is the day! 

Help Me Find My Voice is going to teach you how to combine innovative speech therapy and ABA principles to readily use right now! Get to the bottom of challenging behavior, walk into IEP meetings confident, bring the data showing the growth in communication, find effective assessments for children with autism with limited communication, and always have a plan for each therapy session. We will also discuss supporting students with augmentative or alternative communication devices. At ABA Speech, child centered, actionable, and research based is a priority and those tenets will be a huge part of Help Me Find My Voice. Commit an hour a day and you will be thriving by next week in your practice. The course includes 4+ hours of on-demand instruction, 16 downloadable resources, and 8 demonstration videos. 

Help Me Find My Voice is going to help you manage challenging behavior, build therapeutic rapport with autistic students, build and assess autistic learners’ communication skills, make therapy sessions work with simple strategies and then have the data to walk into an IEP meeting with everything you need. There are even a few bonuses with Help Me Find My Voice! This course also has monthly group coaching calls, the course is ASHA approved, and included is a stress-free IEP planning guide and lesson planning guide. Now is the time with this sale to get enrolled today! You can find Help Me Find My Voice here

ABA Speech does not have sales often! Take advantage of these comprehensive courses now! With $75 off with code: sunnysale75 You will be joining me and a group of educators, parents, and therapists in the ultimate journey of helping autistic learners communicate. Don’t wait, this sale will be over before you know it! Come join me in Start Communicating Today for all your autistic preschool communication needs and Help Me Find My Voice to build communication with school aged children. Now is the time. See you there!


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