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Lunch and Learn or Dine and Develop: ASHA Talks!

By Rosemarie Griffin

We have another exciting opportunity available from ABA Speech! I am doing ASHA talks! My ultimate goal is to work with professionals and parents alike to help autistic learners make meaningful progress with communication goals. I’ve been helping guide and develop communication in autistic learners for more than 20 years! I can’t wait to help you too! ABA Speech has been an ASHA approved CE provider for 5 years and I couldn’t be more excited to share this knowledge with you! Take a look at some of the topics we could discuss in Lunch and Learn or Dine and Develop: ASHA Talks below! 

Lunch and Learn ASHA talks are perfect for your lunch break! Let’s spend your hour together and build our professional repertoire together! Don’t have time for lunch during the day? No problem! Let’s Dine and develop and book an evening time to chat! 

There are so many great ASHA approved courses available through ABA Speech and I can’t wait to talk with you about one of the topics that are so important to getting our autistic learners to communicate! One topic is The Power of Joint Attention and SLP services in an ABA Setting. Joint Attention is something I talk about a great deal because it is so incredibly powerful. Joint Attention is when both student and teacher are focused on playing something together. To help communication grow with our toddler and preschool aged autistic learners, joint attention is huge. Join me for a chat about joint attention and you will walk away with tons of ideas to grow communication using this exceptional strategy.

If you are interested in hearing more about Joint Attention and looking for ideas for autistic toddler and preschool age children, topics from Start Communicating Today are definitely for you! This is a full course if you are interested, but we can take some of the topics, which are near and dear to me, to watch the progress of our youngest autistic learners! This talk will give you clear ideas on what works to get young autistic children to communicate. You will walk away with ideas to use in therapy as well as clear guidelines for goal setting, assessment, parent training, and data collection. Start Communicating Today is perfect for speech therapists and parents alike! 

Help Me Find My Voice is for kindergarten to high school aged students. Of course again this will discuss opportunities to get our autistic learners communicating, but to a larger range of ages. In this ASHA talk, we will also discuss assessment, goal setting, specific intervention strategies, data collection and most importantly how to work with students with challenging behavior.

Looking for middle or high school sessions? Functional Services for Older Autistic Students is what you are looking for! The target group for this type of session is 6th grade – adults. In this course, participants will learn how to effectively plan therapy sessions for students who are in middle and high school. The goal of this ASHA talk will be to focus on students who are in life skills classes and working on functional skills. 

Advanced Language Learner is for preschool to high school age and when we chat about this topic, we dive into learning how to plan functional communication for learners that are using at least one word to communicate spontaneously. Like the others we can discuss assessment, goal setting, but also service delivery receptive skills, expressive language skills, social language skills and data collection!

Ethics! Yes we can dine and develop some conversation over ethics in practice. We can discuss ethics collaborative services, or jump into the ethics of social media use and review strategies and resources to practice ethically. 

Looking for some fun! It Can Be Fun and Games – Modified Play and Leisure Skills is for any age from preschool to high school! Who doesn’t love learning through games? Sometimes it is just a matter of finding the appropriate accommodations for our autistic learners and making sure they are age appropriate also!! Join me to learn all about games that can easily be used in therapy sessions.

ASHA talks are here and ready for you! Come join me in chatting over lunch and walk away with usable knowledge and ideas to implement immediately in your practice. Join me for an evening call and make your professional development fun and informative! Let me help you build your practice, make manageable goals, learn how to bridge that communication, and make learning fun! Join me to lunch and learn or dine and develop with one of my ASHA talks today!


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