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Joint Attention Free Staff and Parent Training

By Rosemarie Griffin

Looking for some easy to implement strategies for joint attention? Thank goodness you are here! I have an incredible opportunity for you! I have a FREE course available now and it is all about the power of joint attention. The power of joint attention is incredible for our youngest autistic learners to connect and begin to communicate. Joint attention is going to help build social reciprocity and then help children grow in their communication. The relationships you are going to build with joint attention is just so important for engaging students with autism.Your future sessions will be full of communication growth! Joint attention is so valuable to building autistic learners’ communication. Ready to check it out? Subscribe here for your link to my FREE course, The Power of Joint Attention with Autistic Learners, a free course for Joint attention staff and parent training.

I am so happy to welcome you to this free course to dive into the joint attention course that is available now. Let’s jump into a few details about joint attention to help you learn what the course is all about! 

Joint attention is so extremely powerful for building rapport with students to help them start their journey with communication. Some things to remember when working with students with autism or while working with your own children is that we cannot demand language or even participation. Sometimes it will take a few sessions for language to grow. Just be present with the learner. Remember don’t put the language on the student by asking questions. Don’t demand. Bring farm animals and say, I have a sheep, baaa. Don’t ask, what do I have in my hand? Don’t demand language. Don’t ask students to label or identify those farm animals. Pay attention to the students’ engagement level to help plan future joint attention lessons too! If the autistic learner really doesn’t like farm animals, don’t bring them back.

Remember joint attention is shared attention. Both student and teacher are attending to the same activity or item. Joint attention is vital for younger students with autism. We need to have this in their program. Books, music, and play are perfect for joint attention. Think about adding joint attention goals to IEP goals. I have a great resource, an IEP goal bank that has been updated recently to reflect joint attention goals too! Check it out on ABA Speech! 

When you jump onto the free class, there will be freebies available too. The resources are so helpful for joint attention and when you watch the FREE class, you get some FREE resources too! One of the ideas with the freebies is using a book for joint attention. Always use some choice when using books. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom or Brown Bear are great choices. Remember we don’t want to force engagement though. Of course we encourage engagement and we want the student to be involved, but we never demand the attention. We work towards the engagement by building sessions around what the learner enjoys. Pay attention during sessions to learn what the students are responding to and use that knowledge! 

Joint attention is flexible by getting the student involved whether it be farm animals, books, music, or even bubbles. Pay close attention to what the student likes and dislikes to build that rapport, join in joint attention, and grow that communication. 
If you like the ideas you are reading here, then take a minute to check out the FREE course that is available right now simply by subscribing. There are so many more great ideas for joint attention available and don’t forget the FREEBIES too! If you are looking for an even more in depth course, check out my course Start Communicating Today, which includes private coaching also! I look forward to working with you in the future! I hope you enjoy the joint attention free staff and parent training course that focuses on joint attention to get your youngest learners with autism communicating!

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  1. Marcelino Martinez

    I am interested in the free joint attention training. Thank you.


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