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Episode #024: Apraxia of Speech – Characteristics, Resources and an SLP Mom’s Journey with Laura Smith

Laura Smith is a speech-language pathologist but she’s also the parent of a child with apraxia. In this episode, she shares her experience of apraxia from a parent’s perspective plus a wealth of resources from her professional experience of treating children with apraxia in her private practice.

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Episode #023: Reading Strategies for All Learners – An Interview with Chloe Hill

Chloe Hill is passionate about reading strategies for beginning readers, and today we talk about strategies to reach children who are just starting their literacy journey. She’s full of creative ideas to help parents and professionals teach children literacy skills at home, at school, or in a therapy session.

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Episode #022: Autism as a Family Experience- An Interview with Michele Portlock

Autism may be an indidivual’s diagnosis, but it’s experienced by the whole family. That’s the approach that Michele Portlock takes when she works with her own clients, and that’s the approach she’s taken in her own life as she’s worked with her children who have autism. She straddles both worlds, and she is full of beautiful advice for how parents and professionals can work together.

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Hi! I’m Rose.


I am a Speech Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


I am dedicated to helping SLPs and other professionals provide systematic language instruction with ease. Working with students with autism and other complex communication disorders can be challenging.

I am here to help, by providing professional development and real life examples of what I do in my daily practice. I am looking forward to collaborating with you!