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Episode #020: Generalization and Embedding Communication – A Discussion with Braxton Baker

When you’re in the grind of weekly therapy sessions, it can be hard to take a step back and place your services into the context of the student’s entire life. Yet that’s where the magic happens, says Braxton Baker. With a focus on holistic big picture therapy, Braxton teaches students to apply their skills to the real world, and thereby improve the rest of their lives.

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Episode #019: The Power of Teletherapy to Help Students Here and Abroad – A Talk with Erin Long

For Americans abroad, accessing speech therapy services or occupational therapy can be incredibly difficult. Parents may be living in remote areas or in non-English speaking countries where services are simply unavailable. For over 11 years, Erin Long has been offering virtual special education services to this underserved population.

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Episode #018: The Importance of Dreaming Big and Listening – An Inspiring Chat with Landria Seals Green

If she’s going to be in therapy all day, Landria Seals Green wants it to be as interesting and entertaining as possible or she won’t love her own job. An SLP/BCBA, Landria takes that high-energy approach and tailors her therapy sessions to meet her students’ unique needs. With an eye on the family’s vision for the therapy their child receives, she builds a bridge to the child’s future.

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Hi! I’m Rose.


I am a Speech Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst.


I am dedicated to helping SLPs and other professionals provide systematic language instruction with ease. Working with students with autism and other complex communication disorders can be challenging.

I am here to help, by providing professional development and real life examples of what I do in my daily practice. I am looking forward to collaborating with you!