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Joint Attention Course ASHA and ACE

By Rosemarie Griffin

Clear your calendar because a new ABA Speech course is here! Yes, there is an exciting new course available! The course is through Zoom and titled “The Power of Joint Attention!” This course is a LIVE ASHA and ACE approved CEU course.This course will air LIVE on May 11, 2022 at 08:00-9:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada). Are you looking for more information about joint attention or how to use it with your students today? Then this course is for you! Sign up now by clicking here! During the live course, we will look at actionable strategies to use in therapy sessions to embed joint attention therapy activities right away! The course is FREE to register and the CEU links will be available to purchase if needed. A general participation certificate will be provided as well! Looking for more information about this course? Keep reading for some details on Joint Attention and the webinar The Power of Joint Attention!

What is Joint Attention?

Joint attention is a huge part of learning to effectively communicate. Young children with autism often have trouble communicating. This means young children with autism also may struggle with  employing joint attention effectively, without a little help. Using joint attention explicitly with students with autism will be a game changer in helping our youngest learners to communicate. Children with autism that have been shown and taught joint attention in preschool have higher success academically, socially, and in work and living independently. Building communication skills with joint attention is so important and this live course will give you easy to use strategies to help you with using joint attention to help your students with autism in their communication goals immediately! 

When thinking about joint attention, we really need to just think about playing together. Our students with autism often have trouble with making eye contact or using social skills to express what they want in a play situation. By building these joint attention skills, strides in learning communication are huge! When our autisitc learners engage in joint attention activities, those foundational communication skills are built, like taking turns. Learners can also build on those receptive and expressive language skills, which are building blocks to more communicative ways.

ABA Speech and Joint Attention

One of the ways an SLP can really make strides in communication with our toddler and preschool age students is through joint attention and I believe in tried and true strategies that I have used and perfected over the years! The activities for joint attention are endless. Start with books and bubbles to cars and singing! The course will also delve into creating actionable, appropriate goals for joint attention with our students.  Want more specifics? Come join the LIVE course and come with your questions as you will have the opportunity to ask live questions! 

Looking for Credits?

If you’re looking for a bit more information on the credit bearing aspect, take a look! This course is great for filling those requirements, as well as engaging in a valuable course on joint attention. If you are an SLPs, this course is eligible for .1 ASHA CEU upon completion. Once you fill out the evaluation and indicate that you would like your participation reported to ASHA, ABA SPEECH will prepare to submit your information to the ASHA CE registry. ABA SPEECH submits this completion form monthly on the 15th of the month. Please allow three weeks from the submission date by ABA SPEECH for the event and ASHA CEUs to appear on your ASHA transcript. BCBAs? You can earn 1 CEU for this course upon completion. ABA SPEECH is an Authorized Continuing Education (ACE) provider from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. This course provides type 2 continuing education credits.Sharing activities through joint attention is so powerful. Come earn some CEU credits, while learning valuable information that can be easily used with students immediately after the course! Remember to mark your calendar! The course is LIVE! The course is ASHA and ACE approved CEU course and will air LIVE on May 11, 2022 at 08:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada). Don’t forget to sign up to save your spot in the webinar “The Power of Joint Attention” by clicking here!


  1. Audrey Ostrowski-Gallagher


    • Rosemarie Griffin

      So happy that you could join us Audrey!

  2. Kelly Remily

    Rose, will you offer this again? Or is there another way to access it? I am sorry I could not attend.

    • Rosemarie Griffin

      Hi yes we are going to offer it again soon!


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