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Lunch and Learn or Dine and Develop: ACE Courses! 

By Rosemarie Griffin

Calling all BCBAs! Here is an opportunity for you! I am offering an opportunity for professional growth that can be done over a meal! Lunch and Learn ACE talks (grab those CEUs) are perfect for your lunch break! Let’s spend an hour together and gain some valuable new knowledge! Don’t have time for lunch during the day? No problem! Let’s Dine and Develop and book an evening time to chat! I can’t wait for you to join me in a live training with your clinic or school team! 

Looking for the details? Here are some of the topics we can take some time to dive into together! First up, we have courses for SLP Services in an ABA Setting. This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, as I have been working in this field for 20 years! SLP services in an ABA Setting is all about really looking at the research to support collaboration. Once you have the research, then let’s build out some strategies to foster those collaborative services among professionals. Another part of this topic is discussing technology based resources to streamline collaborative services. It is essential for SLPs to work in a collaborative team and when you join me for a chat, we can get into all of the finer details!

The Power of Joint Attention is another exceptional course I offer and a topic to chat about, especially if you are working with younger autistic students. When talking about joint attention, which is so powerful, we need to focus on how important joint attention is for intervention for autistic learners!  Besides understanding the background and importance of joint attention, of course we then can jump into how to incorporate  work on joint attention during therapy sessions. Of course, we will also jump into some goal setting around joint attention, which is so critical to engaging our preschool, autistic learners! 

Start Communicating Today is an ABA ACE course that is true to my heart because it is everything you will need to help autistic toddlers and preschool aged children engage and communicate. We can go step by step to plan effective therapy sessions that are engaging and powerful. We can discuss where to start and what goals are appropriate to set next. You will leave the Lunch and Learn or Dine and Develop with an actionable plan, deep knowledge of skills to work on, and confidence in your next IEP meetings! Remember these are all ACE courses and CEUs are available! 

Help Me Find My Voice is another ACE course available for Lunch and Learn or Dine and Develop! This course is for school aged autistic children and is a step by step course to help you feel confident in working with autistic school aged children. You will leave the course with clear plans for effective therapy sessions to develop communication and engage autistic students in their learning. Behavior is a big part of this course and we will dive into understanding why problem behavior takes place and what to do about it when it does happen. Of course, we will also build confidence in IEP and goal development making the most appropriate and manageable goals. Join me to build your knowledge of skills your students need to work on today! Let’s discuss tools, and inspiration to make a difference in your school aged autistic students and help them start communicating! 

Come join me with a chat over lunch or dinner! Bring your school or your clinic and let’s work on building communication strategies that are effective and clear! These are ACE courses so grab those CEUs in a great format with live interaction! Sign up today for lunch and learn or dine and develop: ACE courses!


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