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Inclusive Preschool Programming with Dr. Katie Walton of Ohio State University

Episode #082: Inclusive Preschool Programming with Dr. Katie Walton of Ohio State University

Whether you have a child with or without a disability, finding a preschool program right for your family can be stressful. Dr. Katie Walton of Ohio State University, joins me today to discuss the Nisonger Center, an Inclusive Preschool Program. She explains what inclusive programming really means, how it can benefit all students, and how parents can find the right fit for their children in a preschool.

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Episode #049: An Introduction To The Early Start Denver Model with Dr. Megan Miller

It can be hard for parents, especially for those with non-neurotypical learners, to lead play with their kids. Today I am talking with Dr. Megan Miller, a thought leader in our field. She is the creator of the Do Better Movement, a professional development initiative. She shares some great information on The Early Start Denver Model, and it’s framework for joint attention and play based therapy. Today’s episode is full of so many usable tips and profound thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

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Episode #036: Supporting Parents and Early Intervention with Jaclynn Bosley

Jaclynn Bosley is a great friend and colleague who I have worked with across many different settings over the years. She is the owner and operator of Thrive Early Learning Center. We discuss the importance of family involvement, some ideas for parents as they’re seeking the support of ABA therapy, and what early intervention looks like in Jaclynn’s center.

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Episode #027: Early Intervention Tips- Embedding Language Into Everyday Routines with Kimberly Scanlon

Today I am talking with licensed and certified speech language pathologist, best selling author and parent, Kimberly Scanlon. Kimberley is a private practice, home based speech therapist who has a lot of insight on working with busy families. She shares with us some simple ideas on how to build early intervention and language strategies in your day to day life in a fun accessible way for toddlers.

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