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Early Intervention and Autism 

By Rosemarie Griffin

Early Intervention and Autism is a topic we talk about often on the Autism Outreach Podcast. I have gathered together a few of my favorite episodes on early intervention and autism. Episode 62 is a solo episode where I talk all about Autism Early Intervention and Joint Attention. In Episode 6 Cari Ebert and I chatted about Autism Early Intervention Foundation Skills for Toddlers. In Episode 49 Megan Miller and I talked about An Introduction to the Early Start Denver Model and how important it is for early learners. I can’t wait for you to listen to these and discover more episodes! The Autism Outreach Podcast is a mix of solo shows and expert interviews to provide you with tips and strategies to use in your next therapy session.

Episode 62- Autism Early Intervention Joint Attention

There is a strong bond between joint attention and both receptive and expressive language skills. When we work on joint attention, we are showing that our learners’ communication is powerful! I am sharing a few tips and ideas that I use to build connection before communication while working on joint attention goals.

These activities involve shared activities through playing with toys, singing songs, and reading books. It is okay if your student isn’t ready to fully engage when you introduce these activities, note their baseline data and move forward with goals. You will be amazed to see the transformation and excitement over these simple activities.

Listen Here

Episode 6- Autism Early Intervention Foundation Skills for Toddlers

Pediatric speech-pathologist Cari Ebert’s passion is the birth to three stages where she focuses on laying the foundation for children to begin to speak. And even though my focus is on middle schoolers with autism, we have a similar approach to teaching children. I loved hearing how Cari lays down a solid foundation of nonverbal skills before she moves on to teaching speech

A big focus of Cari’s therapy work is setting a child up for success by teaching them how to “learn to learn”. Speech therapy isn’t about making the child less autistic; it’s helping the child learn how to engage with the important people in their life. With that in mind, Cari shares how she uses these 5 foundational skills to prepare a child to learn.

Listen Here  

Episode 49- An Introduction to the Early Start Denver Model

Dr. Megan Miller is a thought leader in the field of behavior analysis and special education. In this interview, she and I discussed the Early Start Denver Model and its importance to early learners. Play is such a critical piece to communication and this model sets up parents and providers to build joint attention skills.

Listen Here


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