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Posts by Rosemarie Griffin

Halloween Speech Therapy Activity

I love to use would you rather activities in my speech therapy sessions. I think they are a great way to start conversation within a small group activity. The pictures act as embedded visual prompts for students who have difficult answering “wh” questions. The text is a nice guide for students who can read but…

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Autism Quickstart Guide

Working with students with autism or any student who does not have a way to communicate can be a challenge. How do we know where to start? I can tell you from personal experience, that it can be very difficult to find an answer to that very question. I have put together a quickstart guide…

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Speech Therapy Services In An ABA Environment

Providing speech therapy services in an ABA ( applied behavior analysis) setting can be a challenge. I have worked in an ABA type setting for over 15 years and get asked many questions about bringing the two fields together to help students. If you are new to this type of setting, watch this free webinar…

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Speech Therapy Data Binder

I wanted to give you a peek inside my speech therapy data binder. I know that there are new and fancy ways to organize things- but I am old school in that way! I like to keep a binder. Take a peek inside my binder! For each student I keep their IEP handy. I love…

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Back To School Adapted Book

It is that time of year! Back to school can be a very exciting time! It can also be overwhelming! What do I use for therapy during that first week back. I can help! Use my back to school adapted book. I love to use this book for students of all ages and abilities. It…

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Autism Speech Therapy Materials

Autism speech therapy materials

Knowing what materials to use for students with autism and other complex communication disorders can be a challenge! You want something that is evidenced based, engaging and fun!! I might be a little biased, but I want to share with you my 2 go to products. I created the action builder cards because I wanted…

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Early Learner Challenge

Join our early learner challenge today!

Working with students with autism who are early learners can be a challenge. When I use the term early learner, I am referring to someone who is pre-verbal or who is struggling to develop a way to communicate with the world. So this can be someone who is younger in age or older in age.…

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Data Collection Strategies

Taking data is so very vital to student success. According to Cooper, Heron and Heward ( 2007 ) Data can be defined as the results of measurement, usually in quantifiable form. Data collection and analysis are vital practices for special education providers. Data not only inform teaching, but also determine effectiveness of intervention . It…

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Apps All Speech Therapists Should Know About

Apps for speech therapist

One look at the kids of today and you’re likely to find most of them with a gadget in their hands. But before you tell them to go outside and play, it’s important to understand that technology isn’t always a bad thing, especially for kids with speech or developmental disabilities. In truth, technology has helped…

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Get your Autism IEP Goal Bank!