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Speech therapy activities- would you rather questions

    Working with students who need work on answering conversation based questions can be difficult. It can be challenging for students with more complex communication needs to answer more abstract questions. I have found that working on answering would you rather questions can be fun and functional with a learner at this language level.…

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Increasing verbal speech for students with autism

Working with early learners who are struggling to find their voice is important work! One aspect of communication that you may work on is verbal speech. In the behavioral field you may hear the term echoic. An echoic is one of the verbal operants that B.F. Skinner addressed in his book Verbal Behavior (1957). An…

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Preference Assessments

Have you worked with a student before who was hard to engage? Have you worked with a student who you presented a variety of toys or activities and they did not show any interest? This can be overwhelming for a professional and frustrating for a student. Knowing what our students enjoy engaging with, allows us…

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5 Strategies To Use When Working With Early Learners

Working with early learners with autism and other complex communication disorders can be such a rewarding experience. It can also be quite overwhelming. I wanted to share with you today the 5 five strategies I use when working with early learners who are non-verbal or limited verbally. Helping each student I work with find their…

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Social Skills and Modified Memory

When you are working with students who have autism or other complex communication disorders, there may be so many areas to focus on that it can be overwhelming! We want to help our students increase their communication skills and become more independent with these skills. We also want our students to enjoy play and leisure…

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Speech Therapy Activities For Halloween

I love Halloween! I am sure that most of you reading this also love the holidays. There are so many fun ways to work on communication around Halloween. I wanted to take some time today and give you a peak inside my Halloween inspired therapy activities. I am a big fan of using real pictures…

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