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Joint Attention Bootcamp

By Heidi Anglin

Introducing the Joint Attention Bootcamp!


We are excited to help you be ready to support your students.


Joint attention is an essential foundational skill for autistic learners no matter the age.


  • Day one of the bootcamp: Using BOOKS to work on Joint Attention.
  • Day two of the bootcamp: Using MUSIC to work on Joint Attention.
  • Day three of the bootcamp: Using PLAY to work on Joint Attention.
  • Day four of the bootcamp: Putting it all together.
  • Day five of the bootcamp: Joint Attention Resources.


Joint Attention can be defined as: 

Joint Attention is typically defined as involving coordinating attention between a social partner and an event in the environment, for the purely social consequence of sharing an experience. “


We will be discussing my 3-Pronged Approach for working on joint attention:

by using Books, Music and Play!


When you join the course, you will receive these resources!

  • Literacy Guides
  • Play Guides
  • Autism IEP Goal Bank with Joint Attention Goals
  • Information about joining The ABA SPEECH CONNECTION


I would LOVE to invite you to join the


to learn more about joint attention.

Month to Month Membership​      ​Annual Membership

  • Take our 1 hour ASHA and ACE-approved course the Power of Joint Attention
  • Take our 5 hour ASHA and ACE-approved course Start Communicating Today to learn more about Joint Attention and More Foundational Skills To Address with Autistic Learners
  • Book a 1:1 Consult with Me (part of your membership) to discuss the application of Joint Attention in your sessions!


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