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Episode #027: Early Intervention Tips- Embedding Language Into Everyday Routines with Kimberly Scanlon

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Today I have Kimberly Scanlon, licensed and certified speech language pathologist, best-selling author, and fellow busy parent. She has written two great books in the world of speech therapy, Toddler Talks and My Toddler’s First Words. She works as a private practice speech therapist doing primarily home based visits and she’s here giving us some tips on how to build early interventions into day to day life.

Because Kimberly is a home based therapist, she has less barriers in communicating with parents and families. This allows her to relate to being busy and just trying to fit that language development in.

The ideas and advice Kimberly shares today focus around these central questions:
What does your day look like? What is your typical routine? What do you like to do with your child? When is the best time of day for you to reach your child?

We discuss ways to embed language and early intervention into your routines by finding connection building activities that don’t take away from your daily life. This makes each activity symbiotic with various parents’ personalities, cultures, and what they are at base level comfortable with.

If you’re already cooking or doing laundry, think twice about setting your child in front of a screen. Instead think about how you could be getting them involved. We discuss how there are so many language opportunities in everything we do and our toddlers just want to be with us. Make chores fun and make them learning opportunities with these tips! Don’t be afraid of this undertaking, you don’t have to have them participate in the entire chore just a small part.

Kimberly leaves us with this special advice, reminding parents to do the best they can and not worrying about being perfect. Take several moments throughout the day every day to just enjoy your child, judgment and worry free to be fully present and enjoy the moment!

What’s Inside:

  • Early intervention and language strategies for busy parents
  • Simple ideas for embedding language practice into daily life.
  • Kimberly’s special advice to parents.

Today’s Guest:

Kimberly Scanlon is a licensed and certified speech language pathologist, best-selling author, and parent who’s helped countless individuals and families learn to joyfully communicate via her speech therapy sessions, books, newsletters, and workshops. Her best-selling book, My Toddler Talks, is a favorite among practicing speech language pathologists and professionals who work in early intervention. Kimberly’s latest book, My Toddler’s First Words, was awarded the Kirkus Star, one of the most coveted designations in the book industry. In addition to her books, Kimberly’s writing and expertise has been featured in Parents,, The Washington Post, ASHAsphere, and the Student Doctor Network. Kimberly has been interviewed on numerous podcasts and provides engaging, informative workshops. A life-time learner, Kimberly has earned 4 awards (ACE) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) for continuing education. As a graduate of Immaculate Heart Academy, Rutgers and Montclair State, Kimberly is a Jersey Girl who lives in Ramsey, New Jersey with her husband, Ryan, and their 2 delightful young children. She enjoys riding her bike, reading books, playing with her children, and trying to exercise.

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