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Episode #184: 5 Tips For Dealing With Contentious IEP Meetings

Conflict is part of what we do as a provider in this field. When it comes to helping the most difficult learners, it’s no surprise we might find ourselves contentious at IEP meetings, I’ve definitely had my fair share in my 20+ year career. But you CAN get through them with the best interest of the learner at hand. 

Here are my top 5 tips for navigating contentious IEP meetings:

  1. Know the guest list. Who’s gonna be there? Lawyers, advocates, etc., you need to know so you can properly prepare.
  2. It is not okay to be verbally abused at work. Whether it’s admin or parents, come in with boundaries and confidence. Set the tone at the beginning of the meeting!
  3. Prep with your team prior to the meeting and take time to debrief after. 
  4. There will always be conflict. *Check out the ethics course with ABA SPEECH Connection for more about the article I discuss here.*
  5. Try to understand the motive of the conflict. When you can understand how the team member is feeling, you can work toward a solution together!

We all want to help maximize outcomes for our learners; we are all there for the benefit of the learner! You can get through these difficult, contentious, and often conflict filled meetings if you keep these 5 tips in mind.

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What’s Inside:

  • How to navigate contentious IEP meetings.
  • 5 tips for getting through IEP meetings.

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