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Fall Speech Therapy Ideas 

Crisp autumn air, apple orchards and pumpkin patches are all part of welcoming in the fall season! Fall offers so many opportunities for fun learning …

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Neurodiversity and Speech Therapy 

Neurodiversity is a beautiful term to describe a brain that just works differently! Speech therapy is often a service for neurodiverse individuals including those that …

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Brain Breaks For Speech Therapy

We all need a brain break sometimes! When working on critical thinking skills or fully focusing our attention on learning in speech therapy, our brain …

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The Advanced Language Learner

The Advanced Language Learner Amplify their voice. Online professional education and group coaching for speech therapists and BCBAs serving autistic students. Know what to do next. It’s …

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 Help Your Autistic Students Move Past Basic Communication Goals

Help Your Autistic Students Move Past Basic Communications Goals! When you attend LIVE you will receive an informal screener for advanced language skills and a …

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Language Milestones for Advanced Learners

Advancing our autistic learners in language is huge, but what about our advanced language learners? We all have those individual students that are already using …

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