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Autism Resource Round Up

By Rosemarie Griffin

ABA Speech has so much to offer! Let’s take a look at some of our amazing resources that may be exactly what you are looking for right now! This Autism Resource RoundUp will help you on your journey in understanding communication with autism and gain some practical ideas to use right now! Caregivers and providers, this is for you! There is information for everyone! 

The Autism Outreach Podcast

Looking for something to listen to while driving to work or relaxing on the couch? The Autism Outreach Podcast is definitely a convenient way to learn so much information. This podcast is weekly with a wealth of information about autism and communication. Topics include IEP goals, apraxia all the way to picky eaters. The podcast addresses preschool aged students to high school! Each podcast is 30 minutes, some are solo shows and some are some incredible interviews. The Autism Outreach Podcast can be found here!

Autism Speech Therapy IEP Goals Episode #3 

Let’s highlight one of the podcast episodes! Tune into episode 3 right now to learn how to appropriately choose goals for a student’s IEP. Listen in for helpful functional goal setting. We discuss how data can be used in a meaningful way to help you engage your students in specific, individual, obtainable goals! Episode #3 is here now!

ABA Speech Your Autism Resource is on YouTube!

Looking for quick ideas to use in therapy today, check out the YouTube channel. There are so many great ideas, but also informative videos on a range of topics ready to go. There are tons of ideas for speech therapy, games, remote learning, free apps, and activities. 

Modified UNO- Social Skills for Students with Autism- YouTube Video 

One really useful video is the video on how to use UNO, modified, for students with autism. Think about the fun you could have in therapy! This video tutorial will walk you through the modifications for students with autism and continue to help you build communication skills through a game! Watch it today here

Webinars and Courses!

ABA speech also offers webinars and courses! Want to dive even deeper into ideas about communication and autism with students of all ages? Take one of our webinars or courses and spend some time really delving in deeper to the topics related to language skills, social skills, preschool voices, and more! 

5 Strategies to Help Your Autistic Students Engage and Communicate- FREE Webinar!

This FREE webinar is a great place to start if you are interested in learning where to begin with helping autistic students communicate. Increase engagement in therapy and learn new strategies to help your students communicate better! The webinar will reveal some tried and true strategies to use with your students today! Click here to go straight there!


There are some great FREE resources from ABA speech available today to get you moving with your planning for students with autism. Take a look at what you could be using right now!

FREE Brown Bear Literacy Companion

Brown Bear Literacy Companion is an easy way to supplement your planning! Reading books in therapy is such an incredible tool for students. Not only are you exposing children to language and vocabulary and literacy skills, but there are opportunities to practice 1-step directions or social engagement and of course, shared reading opportunities. Brown Bear Literacy Companion is a no-prep, ready to use freebie available to use today! Click here!

Life Skills Middle and High School IEP Goal Bank

Another FREEBIE to take a look at is the Life Skills Middle and High School IEP Goal Bank. This bank of goals is an easy resource to help identify real, observable, specific goals for our older students. Remember our older students are preparing for vocation or may need community based language, as well as school related language. Help our high school students who are getting ready to embark on their next great roles in this world! Take a look at this IEP Goal Bank to make functional goals for your students in terms of life long goals! See it here!

See something that interests you? Check it out today and remember ABA Speech has ton of resources available for you to use today! Check out the website-, Your Autism Resource-YouTube Channel, and Podcast for even more!


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