5 Strategies to Help Your Autistic Students 
Engage and Communicate

Rose Griffin - 5 Strategies To Help Your Students With Autism Engage & Communicate

Do you want to help your autistic students start communicating?

Do you want to feel confident planning therapy sessions? 

Do you want to know where to start with your students? 

Do you want to help your students engage in therapy tasks? 

Attend this FREE training session and …

  • Learn how I plan my speech therapy sessions for students who are nonverbal or have limited communication.
  • Discover strategies I use to help keep my students engaged in therapy sessions.
  • And I will reveal the skills I work on during these sessions to help my students communicate and make progress.

This training was absolutely what every SLP needs to take to be on the right track when working with early learners with ASD. Rose's methodology within the course is clear, straightforward, organized and comprehensive! A must do!!! Cheryl - Speech Language Pathologist

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