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Autism Outreach Podcast

By Rosemarie Griffin

Testing, testing…1, 2, 3. If you enjoy podcasts and are interested in learning more tips and tricks to use when working with individuals with Autism, I highly suggest you listen to my weekly Autism Outreach Podcast! Every Tuesday, I provide a mix of solo shows and expert interviews to help those working with the Autism population better serve their needs. I have created a total of 45 unique podcasts to date on a plethora of different topics and am excited to continue to create new episodes! You can catch these episodes by subscribing to Apple Podcast, on Stitcher, on my YouTube channel, or by subscribing via e-mail on my website. 

Highlighted Episodes

On my first episode, Welcome to Autism Outreach, I discuss my goals for this podcast series. It’s a great introduction to ABA Speech and segway to the other episodes. I also introduce myself and discuss why I chose my career path, the education and training I received formally, and the reasons I am so passionate about supporting individuals with Autism on their journey to strengthen overall communication skills. As a board-certified behavior analyst, I love working in both public and private settings as it gives me an opportunity to see many different types of situations and students and adjust my communication techniques to cater to individual needs. I explain my number one strategy for engaging hard-to-reach children and how you can implement it in your own practice. I also discuss the preference assessment I use to engage and often instantly connect with my patients who are on the autism spectrum.

Among the other episodes I have recorded, I also want to specifically mention a few others you don’t want to miss! These include my interviews with the following individuals: Jessie Ginsburg (Episode #4) discussing Building Engagement For Students With Autism; Cari Ebert (Episode #6) discussing Autism Early Intervention Foundation Skills for Toddlers; Dr. Kerry Magro (Episode #43) discussing From Nonspeaking to Professional Speaker-Dr. Kerry Magro’s Autism Journey; and Dr. Edythe Strand (Episode #44) discussing How To Help Students With Apraxia of Speech (Two Parts). In my episode with Jessie Ginsburg, you can hear how Jessie aims to go as long as possible without bringing out a toy in a therapy session! Jessie practices flexibility in her practice to meet the daily challenges every child brings. In my episode with Cari Ebert, we discuss the 5 Autism early intervention foundational skills (non-verbal imitation, joint attention, self-regulation, purposeful play, and early language development), strategies to get a child in a ready space to learn, and setting a child up for success by teaching them to “learn to learn.” During my episode with Dr. Edyth Strand, we discuss the characteristics of apraxia, dynamic assessment, how to approach therapy with students with apraxia, and DTTC treatment. When speaking with Dr. Kerry Magro, he discusses his own communication journey, telling your child their diagnosis, understanding preferred language and labels, Autism and transitioning to college, and so much more! Although I’ve only listed a few of my recorded podcasts to date, I suggest you check out all of them as I have featured so many wonderful, talented professionals discussing a range of helpful topics. No matter the tasks, the setting, or the age of a patient, if a topic touches on communication in any way, I am going to address it with my guests! 

ASHA CEUs Not only do my podcasts offer you a wealth of tips and tricks to better serve the Autism population, you can also earn ASHA CEUs for select Autism Outreach podcasts! These are available on Just enter promo code “AUTISM” to get started!


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