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Episode #015: Help Me Find My Voice Course

By Rosemarie Griffin

Are you nervous before a therapy session because you don’t know how it will go? Let’s make therapy fun and functional again by giving you the tools you need to reach every single one of your students. If you have students with autism and they’re not making a lot of progress, or you’ve used every trick in the book to help a student and you’re stumped, my course Help Me Find My Voice is a great next step for you.

Inside Help Me Find My Voice, you’ll learn:

  • Assessments to use with students
  • Common SLP terms explained
  • Simplified goal setting concepts
  • Easier data collection
  • How to plan therapy sessions for students with emerging skills

You’ll also have lifetime access to this course, plus access to a private Facebook group where you can collaborate with other SLPs.

This course is geared for speech language pathologists, but it also benefits anyone who’s working on communication issues with students. Enrollment is open now, but it will close on April 14th. And I don’t know when I’ll open this course again.

We’ve had over 400 people join us already for this 5-hour ASHA approved course because the bite-sized modules mean you can fit your learning into your busy day. The cost is $99, and we will send you the proper CEU certificates upon completion.

I also have a FREE webinar on April 6th, 7th or 13th called 5 Strategies to Help Your Students with Autism Engage and Communicate. If you attend live, you’ll receive free therapy material and a certificate of participation.

What’s Inside:

  • When you’re seeing a student with autism or with complicated needs and they’re not communicating on their own, what can you do?
  • If you need ASHA CEUs, but don’t have time for a course, I’ve structured this course to meet your current time constraints.
  • Come and collaborate with other professionals to help you breakthrough any roadblocks you might have on difficult cases.

Mentioned In This Episode

— #001: Welcome to Autism Outreach
— 5 Strategies to Help Your Students with Autism Engage and Communicate
— ABA Speech by Rose
Help Me Find My Voice Course 

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