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What's Inside Help Me Find My Voice?

ABASpeech Module 1

The Basics of Verbal Behavior and Assessment

We start with information about the basics of verbal behavior. We do a deep dive on the following concepts: mand, tact, echoic and intraverbal. We also discuss autism assessment. (1 training video with 2 printables)
ABASpeech Module 2

Collaborative Services, Planning Intervention and Goal Development

We discuss strategies for providing collaborative services. Goal development is discussed in detail, as well as how to get started in therapy. (1 training video, with 4 printables)
ABASpeech Module 3

The Power of Manding

We cover specific strategies to help your students start communicating. You will learn easy to use strategies to help your students find their voice. You can start to use these strategies immediately. Real-life therapy videos are used to illustrate these concepts.

(1 training video, 4 therapy videos, 3 printables)

ABASpeech Module 4

Working with Students with Challenging Behavior

We focus on understanding why problem behavior may occur during therapy sessions. We define and discuss strategies to use during therapy sessions to decrease problem behavior and increase engagement from students. Real-life therapy videos are used to illustrate these concepts.

(1 training video, 2 therapy videos)

ABASpeech Module 5

Systematic and Embedded Language Instruction

We discuss step by step how to set up therapy sessions for early learners with autism. What skills to target are discussed, real-life therapy videos are used to highlight the use with students.

(1 training video, 2 therapy videos, 5 printables)

ABASpeech Module 6

Data Collection and Organization

We discuss ways to take meaningful data during therapy sessions. A variety of data collection methods are outlined. Printable data sheets that are described are included for your use in this module.

(1 training video, 5 printables)

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I totally hear that! That’s why I’ve structured Help Me find My Voice to give you maximum results in minimum time.

Every single module and resource inside the program gives you the “need to know” info and strategies needed to make the most of the time you have. With some subtle tweaks and “why did nobody teach me this??” advice, you’ll be amazed by how much more spacious and streamlined your session time feels!

This is truly a gift to your students and your future self. And if life is a little hectic right now, no problem! You can devour the entire program in a couple of sittings, or work through everything in little bites and take as much time as you need. You can choose a pace that suits you.

Help Me Find My Voice has been developed to give you information and strategies that actually make a difference. You won’t find any boring theories or ideas that don’t actually work in practice. This program is rich with examples, how-to-guides and real-life therapy videos that you won’t find anywhere else.

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