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This is HUGE! ABA Speech is having a sale! Have you been wavering, unsure if you were ready to dive into our two big courses, …

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ABA SPEECH Courses and Sale

Episode #079: ABA SPEECH Courses and Sale

Are you looking for an ASHA and ACE approved CEU course? For the month of July, ABA Speech is offering a sale on Start Communicating Today AND Help Me Find My Voice. These courses provided researched backed tools and resources for assessments, IEPS, therapy strategies and more from toddler to school age students.

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5 Strategies For Toddlers and Preschool Aged Students

Episode #078: 5 Strategies For Toddlers and Preschool Aged Students

If you’re an SLP, Parent of a child with autism, or special education professional looking for help with getting started in therapy for your autistic learner, this is for you! This episode is a playback from my most listened to webinar, 5 Strategies for Toddlers and Preschool Aged Students. Getting started IS stressful but with these tips for early intervention you can feel confident in beginning therapy with your young learner!

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Foundational Skills For Young Autistic Learners - Where to start in therapy

Episode #073: Foundational Skills For Young Autistic Learners – Where to start in therapy

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by your intervention plans and not sure where to start? When working with non speaking students and younger autistic learners it can be difficult to understand what skills to start with especially when you haven’t gotten a clear picture from typical assessments and standardized testing. Today I am sharing with you what I have found over my 20 year SLP career to be the top 8 foundational skills to start with these learners right away!

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Episode #054: Autism Assessment

Assessments for autistic learners can be overwhelming and hard to complete when considering their complex needs. Today I am sharing my top 5 tips and strategies for autism assessments. In this episode I share my favorite assessments and tools for getting a robust assessment essential for goal setting and facilitating meaningful progress for every learner.

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Toddler Language Development

Toddlers are adorable little people that are learning a tremendous amount each and every day. For toddlers with autism, language is an area we pay …

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Episode #038: How to Help Toddlers and Preschool-Aged Students with Autism Communicate

Start Communicating Today, is my new course for toddlers and preschool-aged students with Autism struggling with communication. It’s launching this week and I am detailing everything this new and exciting course will cover. Knowledge is power, so if you’re a parent or a professional who is wondering how to help the early learners in their life, this course is for you!

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