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School Based IEP Development For Autistic Learners

Episode #071: School Based IEP Development For Autistic Learners

Have you ever been to an IEP meeting that just wasn’t warm and fuzzy, working with a large team of providers and professionals who just can’t agree on goals? I am so excited to help you develop IEP goals for your autistic learners by sharing my top ten tips and strategies. You can put these tips to work today to improve your goals, communicate better with your team, and see more progress from your students. IEP meetings can be stressful but with these tips in your toolbelt you can remain calm with the best interest of your student at the forefront.

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Episode #056: How To Help Parents Feel Supported On The IEP Team with Emily Estades

Parents are one of the most valuable members of a therapy team, they know the student better than anybody at the IEP table. My friend, Emily Estades, shares her perspective as an SLP and parent. In this interview she shares her journey from the different diagnoses her two children have and how she was inspired to become an SLP. She provides some great insight and tips for professionals to lead more parent inclusive IEP meetings.

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IEP Dos and Don’ts

One of the biggest responsibilities as a provider is to ensure all students are making obtainable goals, meeting those goals, and then creating new ones …

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Episode #039: Autism and Supporting Parents- A Talk with Crystal Sanford

Parents are an important part of the team and are integral for a successful therapy process. Today, Crystal Sanford, SLP and Autism mom, joins me to discuss how she provides IEP advocacy and empowerment through her practice, Sanford Autism Consulting. Whether you’re a parent or professional, this episode is full of great information, tips, and ideas to set you off on the right track to attaining successful services for your child or student.

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