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Autism IEP Goal Banks 

By Rosemarie Griffin

Writing an IEP? Looking for some guidance? ABA Speech has you covered with all the reasons we need goals and a few Goal Banks ready for you to download today! We all know IEP Goals are so critical to student growth. IEP documents are critical to the growth of our autistic students and their education. Parents, therapists, special education teachers, and anyone else who is a part of an autistic child’s plan of growth. Let’s dive into some of the reasons for IEP goals and take a look at some FREE downloadable IEP Goal Banks to help on your IEP journeys!

Jumping into IEPs is a topic that we could talk about for days! But to break down the importance of an IEP, here are some topics to remember. An IEP addresses current strengths, skills, and weaknesses for growth. We must remember a child’s strength helps them grow their weaknesses. IEPs are individualized and no two children’s IEP will be the same! 

When goals are written they really need to be appropriate. The goal is a least restrictive environment and work towards inclusion. The goals need to be challenging, but remember to be reasonable because this is measured in one school year at a time. 

Now you made the goals measurable, but remember they also need to be monitored frequently. The goals need to be revisited and used to help growth in each individual student. 

Goals must also be meaningful. Families should be on board with the goals and truly understand them too. 

IEP development is so important for each student and meaningful progress with goals is how we can make sure students are continually growing and incorporating a variety of academic and social skills. 

ABA Speech has you covered in meeting your IEP needs. I have an Autism IEP Goal Bank ready for you to use right now! The Autism IEP Goal Bank is perfect for ideas on incorporating expressive and receptive language, play skills and even imitation skills. Language goals do not need to be a mystery! Just grab your copy of the Autism IEP Goal Bank below!

Another item ABA Speech has already created for you is Autism Social and Group Skill Goals Bank. This one is perfect for ensuring an IEP includes goals around social interaction and working in groups collaboratively or in parallel, depending on the needs of each individual child. This goal bank has goals like initiating conversation, and engaging in cooperative play for a certain amount of time. Don’t make IEP writing difficult, just grab this FREEBIE here

One more! Of course we have a Life Skills Goal Bank too! As our autistic learners get older, it is so important to make sure they are ready for life skills too! When we are talking about life skills, we must include vocation, leisure, conversation, and functional vocabulary. This includes receptive language skills like following directions, and social skills like answering social questions and of course expressive language skills including labeling vocational activities and categorizing. The Life Skills Goal Bank is FREE for you right now! Grab it here!
Writing an individualized education plan does not have to be a daunting task! Just grab these copies of our Autism IEP Goal Banks and rock that next IEP meeting! Writing appropriate goals is just the beginning! Remember to monitor and revise as needed. Don’t forget to add your email for your copy of the Autism IEP Goal Bank. Let me know how the Autism IEP Goal Banks work out for you!


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    Thank you for this valuable resource.

  2. Jeanne Kleinman Williams, M.A. CCC-SLP

    Thank you for such a valuable resource, Rose.

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