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Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Episode #072: Using Yoga in Speech Therapy

Yoga is a practice tracing back thousands of years, SLPs Amy and Kim are the trained instructors of Talk Yoga who have adapted this beloved practice for speech therapy. These two friends have created modified poses called Articulation Poses, practice vocabulary and alliteration with body movement, and embed critical speech skills into their yoga practice. Their tips and ideas translate across all ages and support the engagement for students to get involved in a leisure skill that will last across the lifespan.

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Summer Craft Compilation!

Summer will be here before we know it! I have gathered some of my favorite summer craft ideas from some amazing SLP’s to get you …

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School Based IEP Development For Autistic Learners

Episode #071: School Based IEP Development For Autistic Learners

Have you ever been to an IEP meeting that just wasn’t warm and fuzzy, working with a large team of providers and professionals who just can’t agree on goals? I am so excited to help you develop IEP goals for your autistic learners by sharing my top ten tips and strategies. You can put these tips to work today to improve your goals, communicate better with your team, and see more progress from your students. IEP meetings can be stressful but with these tips in your toolbelt you can remain calm with the best interest of your student at the forefront.

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Joint Attention Course ASHA and ACE

Clear your calendar because a new ABA Speech course is here! Yes, there is an exciting new course available! The course is through Zoom and …

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Episode #070: Gratitude and Mindful Habits with Marie Muratalla

This time of year can be stressful and overwhelming for parents, providers, and others in our field. Marie Muratalla, creator of the Thanks More Gratitude Journal, joins me today to share about her journey finding balance between work and life as well as some amazing tips to shift your mindset and build daily gratitude practices.

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The Communication Matrix

Communication is powerful. Many of our autistic learners are not communicating through speech or writing, but are still communicating. How do you determine what goals …

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A Family’s Autism Journey- A Chat with Theresa Richard

Episode #069: A Family’s Autism Journey- A Chat with Theresa Richard

Theresa Richard has an impressive journey as an SLP and Board Certified Swallowing Expert. Beyond her journey in the field, Theresa shares the journey of her family and her special needs son from his birth with a rare chromosomal abnormality to his diagnosis of autism. Theresa shares about her struggles of finding support and important advice for both parents and professionals.

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Big News From ABA Speech!

I have some really BIG NEWS to share with you very soon! I have been working on something that will allow me to serve more …

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Episode #068: Annie DiVello – Supporting Students With Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism, a phobia based anxiety and speech disorder. Annie DiVello specializes in working with learners with Selective Mutism and understanding these students’ complex needs. Annie shares a variety of tips and advice for SLPs to put into place for these learners to best support them and their goals for communication.

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Things Not to Do When Supporting Autistic Learners

Supporting autistic learners is my passion and it is incredibly important as an SLP and an ABA provider to understand and be responsive to the …

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