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Episode #126: Using an Assent Based Model For Intervention with Liz Lefebre

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Assent on the show. But today we’re focusing on what it is. Why is it important? And how do you know if you’re using an Assent Based Model? Liz Lefebre is a precision teacher and BCBA passionate about high quality behavior and educational services.

So what is Assent? The goal of an Assent Based Model is a person-centered approach to assessment, intervention, and all other decision-making. In this model, the learner’s assent withdrawal from participation is honored, whether it be a vocal ‘no’ or a non-vocal expression of verbal behavior.

Liz describes it as having various components: Designing a program based on learner values, measuring engagement and Assent withdrawal, teaching and reinforcing assent withdrawal, as well as creating boundaries for safety and respect. Check out Liz’s hot off the press checklist to analyze your current therapy and see if you are incorporating an Assent Based Model. What do you need to shift and change? She includes examples and non examples to clarify these subtle components and how they should be embedded.

If you’re ready for the first steps toward embedding an Assent Based Model in your therapy sessions, Liz has some tips.

  1. See her guide and checklist and take a good look at the current state of therapy.
  2. Take it one piece at a time. Make small changes as you can, it might be too heavy of a lift to change it all at once.
  3. Finally, listen and learn about the “Anti-ABA Movement”. Understand the harm caused by past ABA experiences so you can be a part of the change!

When we know better, we do better. Assent is a crucial part of doing better, as my goal for therapy is to keep things fun AND functional!

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Today’s Guest:

Liz Lefebre began in the field of Behavior Analysis as a Precision Teacher in 2003. Liz has a passion for helping children access the highest quality behavioral and educational services. Her broad clinical experience includes 15 years of training and practice ranging across a variety of areas, including Precision Teaching, Direct Instruction, instructional design, early intervention, designing programming using an assent based learning approach, and curriculum development and modification. This experience informs her ability to develop meaningful and appropriate treatment plans, conduct intensive skill and data analysis, and ensure her clients learn to the best of their ability while providing a compassionate care model that centers the learner’s wants and needs at the focus of intervention.

Liz has also successfully transitioned larger organizations from traditional ABA models to Precision Teaching ABA models, improving their quality of service and outcomes for clients. Liz’s expertise in the development of training systems and models, the implementation of training systems, and consulting in a variety of contexts, including schools, homes, and other private organizations, provides her with a wide range of practice.

Liz earned her master’s degree in clinical psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2008 and a Bachelor’s degree in the Speech and Hearing Sciences from the University of Washington in 2005.

Liz founded Accelerate Learning Specialists in 2018, servicing clients in the Seattle, WA, and Hong Kong regions. Liz co-founded Octave Innovation in 2020, which provides training in Behavior Analysis and Precision Teaching.

Liz holds a BCBA certification as well as a Licensed Behavior Analyst Credential in Washington.

Liz resides in Santa Cruz, California, and enjoys the outdoors, travel, food and culture.

What’s Inside:

  • What is Assent?
  • A new guide to analyze how you’re using Assent in therapy.
  • The first steps for embedding an Assent Based Model.
  • The importance of learner values and interests in therapy.

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