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Episode #083: SLP/BCBA Collaboration with Dr. Teresa Cardon and Dr. Lina Slim


always joke that it is my mission to meet all the unicorns out there, the dually certified SLP and BCBAs, as there are less than 500 in the world. Today I am talking with Dr. Teresa Cardon and Dr. Lina Slim, both SLPs and BCBA-Ds. We are focusing on a subject that it a hot topic but near and dear to my heart, collaboration.

Too often I see and hear problems between SLPs and BCBAs in therapy, IEP meetings, etc. But we need to be communicating and collaborating for our clients! Dr. Cardon and Dr. Slim share their perspectives on what barriers exist that are making these relationships so difficult.

First and foremost is communication, frequently there is no respectful, humble, and open communication between these two providers. Additionally, specialty specific jargon is thrown around that can confuse and frustrate other professionals who aren’t “in the know”. Interpersonal skills, self-reflection, and bias awareness are really key to keeping communication productive. Try going into every conversation with your professional team of other specialties with the understanding that no one is wrong, we just see things differently.

We also discuss logistical differences such as philosophy and theory. Your philosophy as a therapist can really impact your practice and how you view other providers. Whether you approach with a behavioral, developmental, or social theory will really guide your thinking and reception of collaboration with differing points of view.

Dr. Lina Slim shares with us the ideas of the Four Domains of Authentic Interprofessional Culturally Aware and Responsive Collaborative Practice.

  1. Cultural Sensitivity and Responsiveness
  2. Cultural Competence
  3. Cultural Humility
  4. Cultural Reciprocity

We are in agreement that collaboration has to be more common practice in our fields. Working together will benefit the health and educational outcome of the clients we serve. It is necessary, because it is simply not possible for one person to have all the answers.

We have got to start teaching this practice before our new therapists enter schools and facilities! Dr. Slim and Dr. Cardon both share how they are advocating and encouraging this in the field through their work in this great episode!

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Today’s Guest:

Dr. Teresa Cardon is a dual certified SLP & a BCBA-D and has worked with individuals with disabilities for over 25 years. Dr. Cardon is the Department Chair of Speech-Language Pathology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Her research interests include interprofessional practice, video modeling, autism in the media, and collaboration bias. Dr. Cardon publishes and presents both nationally and internationally, and enjoys supporting educators and clinicians who work with unique populations.

Dr. Lina Slim is a dual certified SLP & BCBA-D with over 30 years-experience, in behavior interventions working with individuals with developmental disabilities and speech-language and communication differences and disorders. She has worked across a variety of school, home, clinical and hospital settings. Her clinical practice focuses on supporting culturally and linguistically diverse families and their children with autism, providing training and supervision to families and practitioners across different disciplines, nationally and internationally. Her workshops, trainings, clinical and research interests focus on disseminating best practices in the application of the science of behavior analysis to improve speech-language and communication skills, support individuals with a wide range of medical and educational differences including persons with autism and their families, and promote Interprofessional Culturally Aware, Responsive and Person-Centered Collaborative Practices (AICARe-Collaboration). Dr. Slim is Founding Executive Director of ASAP – A Step Ahead Program, LLC, a consulting company specializing in behavioral interventions for individuals with speech-language and communication challenges, differences, and delays. Dr. Slim is an Adjunct Professor at Endicott College and at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, in the ABA Program. Dr. Slim is Executive Member of the Speech-Applied Behavior Analysis (SPABA) ABAI SIG, and BACB® Subject Matter Expert on the Item Review Committee, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment (ASAT), Chief Communication Officer Liaison of Behavior Analysis SIG on Supervision to the ABAI (BASIGS), Board Member of ABAC, Inc., Internal Continuing Education Committee (ICEC). Dr. Slim presents and consults nationally and internationally and has published peer-reviewed research and book chapters. Dr. Slim brings a unique personal and behavior analytic perspective on interprofessional collaboration, cultural responsiveness, and humility, by drawing from her personal and professional culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as from her extensive clinical practice working with culturally and linguistically diverse families nationally and internationally.

What’s Inside:

  • Why is collaboration important for SLP and BCBAs?
  • Common barriers in SLP/BCBA collaboration?
  • The Four Domains of Authentic Interprofessional Culturally Aware and Responsive Collaborative Practice.
  • Can your theory of practice affect your ability to collaborate?
  • Why medical jargon is negatively affecting collaboration?
  • The importance of respect and humbleness in collaboration.

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