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Episode #079: ABA SPEECH Courses and Sale


appy Summer!! I am excited to announce that we are hosting a SALE for the month of July on our courses, Start Communicating Today and Help Me Find My Voice.

These are CEU courses with ASHA and ACE approval for SLPs and BCBAs. Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of your free time and get the tools to help your autistic learners from toddlers, preschool, and school age.

Start Communicating Today is a 5-hour course for toddler and preschool aged learners. Get confident in your abilities to help your learner use their voice. In this course you will find support and research backed tools for assessments, IEP goal setting, structuring therapy and so much more.

Help Me Find My Voice is a 5-hour course for school age learners. Working with this age can be overwhelming and intimidating. In this course you will find the tools for success all in one place, with support for assessments, IEP goal setting and meeting structure, engaging therapy plans,  and even AAC support.

The purchase of both of these courses include 3 month access to the 5-hour course, research backed tools, and printables. As well as ASHA reporting and CEUs.

To receive 75$ OFF BOTH of these courses in the month of JULY, use code SUNNYSALE75.

I cannot wait to see you in the courses!

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Start Communicating Today Website Button

Help Me Find My Voice Website Button

What’s Inside:

  • What is Start Communicating Today?
  • What is Help Me Find My Voice?
  • ASHA, ACE approved CEU courses AVAILABLE NOW.
  • JULY 2022 Sale on ASHA approved courses on ABA Speech.
  • Find Research backed tools and resources for therapy with toddler through school age learners.

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