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Teletherapy Resources 

By Rosemarie Griffin

Virtual learning has become a very real way of learning for our students today. Now news outlets are once again packed with impending school closures coming for the new year. Remote learning will once again be at the forefront for all of our autistic learners! Teletherapy can be daunting if we are not prepared, but can easily be beneficial for caregivers, and our autistic learners alike. Communication can actually improve with families because they are more present! There are also some great digital activities to keep meeting goals! Right now is the perfect time to take a look at some excellent teletherapy resources to keep all of our learners engaged and growing, even during remote learning! 

Autism Teletherapy Strategies Podcast

Engagement can sometimes be a challenge in teletherapy because distractions are real. However, engagingin resources will make a huge difference! Let’s start with a podcast on this exact topic that will delve into some of the topics below in a little bit more depth and you can listen in your car or while you are washing dishes! In the podcast there are some more creative ideas on how to go about finding resources for teletherapy! Check out the podcast here!

Epic Books

 Literacy is huge for our autistic learners and so important to continue in a teletherapy session! Epic is a FREE website built for educators and parents alike. This website is fantastic because it ranges from itty bitty babies from 0-2 all the way through 12+. There is every genre you can think of, and the ability to have the book read aloud to you as well. There are comic books, nonfiction and fiction, early readers and even a breakdown by reading level. Giving this to your students’ parents can also help at home with building literacy and language even after sessions are over!

Boom Cards

This incredible digital tool keeps students of all ages engaged because Boom Cards are very game-like. What child doesn’t like a game? Even better there are a few ready to use decks created for you to purchase right now and use immediately for teletherapy sessions that will keep all of your sessions exciting and productive.

“What am I?” Boom Card Deck

The first deck available is “What am I?” In this deck of Boom Cards, students will get a set of clues and have to guess, “What am I?” This is a great way to build language and also keep everyone engaged in learning! 

“Let’s Talk” Boom Card Deck

The second Boom Card deck that you can purchase immediately is “Let’s Talk.” This provides great images for students to look at, label, connect to and most importantly has a conversion starter like, what is your favorite food? What an incredible way to get the conversation started! Or what instrument would you like to play? Take a look at the link to Teachers Pay Teachers, where you can find them today!

Virtual Field Trips!

Another incredible resource for teletherapy is virtual field trips! Think of all of the places you could go! A great resource that is available to you is my adapted book about going to an aquarium. Reading this with students, labeling, and identifying different vocabulary, and starting the conversation is an amazing starting point prior to going on your virtual field trip! Students can answer questions about the book and practice sounds. Then students can go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a virtual field trip and check out what the fish are up to! Another option is using my adapted zoo book and taking a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo! Here is a link to the blog post including access to the adapted books and the link to the two virtual field trips!

ABASpeechByRose on Instagram!

Looking for more quick resources? Check out my instagram page where I share freebies, short video ideas and more! There are so many great resources for teletherapy available like a post about using books at home or go check out the Would you Rather Winter Freebie to use today! 

Teletherapy can be an incredible tool! There is no reason to fret about being prepared to engage students in teletherapy sessions! The resources above are tremendously helpful! Students will still benefit from their sessions and continue growing to their goals! Don’t feel overwhelmed, just check out the teletherapy resources available today!


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