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Teletherapy Activity: Taking a Virtual Field Trip

By Rosemarie Griffin

During this time of distance learning taking a virtual field trip is a JOY!! A way to keep your students engaged. Super fun for therapists as well.

We have taken virtual field trips to the zoo and aquarium. How you ask?

We start by reading a book about visiting the zoo. I use our adapted zoo book.

We read the book together and target reading, labeling, practicing speech sounds, etc.. After we read the book, we answer the questions at the end of the book. It is then time for our virtual field trip. We use the LIVE web cams from the San Diego zoo . Visit the penguins or see what the tigers are up to!

The other virtual field trip we have taken recently, is a trip to the aquarium!

We start by reading a book about visiting the aquarium. We use our adapted aquarium book.

We read all about the different fish that we will see. So many beautiful pictures to look at and discuss. We answer questions about the book and practice having a conversation with the social questions included. It is then time for the virtual field trip!! Visit the live web cams at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. See what the jelly fish are up to or the sea otters!

So if you need to take a little visit this week in therapy, grab a book from our store and go on an adventure.



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