Knowing how to goal set for autistic students so that they are able to strengthen their language skills can be a challenge. We know that we only want to target skills that will help our students become more independent communicators across their day and with a variety of individuals that they may encounter.

Starting with an assessment of social skills, will allow us to know if social skills should be an area addressed in therapy. The social skills goal bank that I have developed can be a resource when you are developing IEP goals for your students. Areas addressed in the goal bank include shared activities, parallel play, cooperative group skills and conversation. Goals were created to help your students increase their overall communication skills, while still living authentically.

With the pandemic, there are many students who have not had the opportunity to be around peers, for over a year! The transition back to face to face instruction, may be exciting for some students and a challenge for others. Helping our students have a successful transition back to school and back to cooperative group activities is essential to their overall progress and happiness in the school environment.

Cooperative group activities are an integral part of the academic school day and can be a challenge for some of our students! Whether you are working with preschool age students who are starting their day with morning meeting and participating in centers or you are working with older students who are starting their day with a calendar group and learning core subjects in a group, this goal bank will be your favorite back to school resource!

In my time as a school based therapist, I have really enjoyed planning speech therapy groups for my students! I love to help facilitate peer to peer interaction, communication participation in a group and cooperative leisure opportunities! If you are a school based therapist too and see your students in a small group- you must scroll to the bottom to get the goal bank! Knowing how to capture group participation is tough- but the goal bank will help!

Scroll to the bottom to get your social skills goal bank! Have a question about how to use the goal bank- just comment below or message me, I am here to help!

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