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How to teach irregular past tense and irregular plural forms

By Rosemarie Griffin

English grammar has so many rules! Irregulars make it so complex for our students! With all of the irregularities, our students need to be directly taught the funky rule breakers! Grammar instruction can be dull, but it doesn’t have to be! Make it interactive and engaging with Boom Cards for Speech Therapy! The “Irregular Past Tense Boom Cards” and “Irregular Plural Boom Cards” are essential for your teletherapy, in person, or even as extra at home practice for our students to learn those rule breaking words!

Irregular Plurals

Our students are constantly and continually developing their language. Irregular plural knowledge is essential to communication, and future language understanding. Even more, students just love Boom Cards because of the interactive nature and the instant feedback! We all love instant satisfaction making this set perfect for this topic of irregular plurals! 

Let’s talk about the details. 

Irregular Plurals Boom Cards have clear, real life images, with relatable sentences, but take it a step further by including an opportunity to identify the irregular plural. The first card will be a colorful, authentic image. For instance: a beautiful scarf. Under the image the word scarf will appear. What a perfect opportunity for labeling, or reading the word. Next, students will see a colorful pile of scarves. This time there will be a field of three options and students will need to correctly identify the  irregular plural from the field of three! The field of three is great because the choices allow for clear, explicit teaching, especially if it is a beginning skill. Also, students take ownership by typing in their answer from the three choices. Another perk of using “Irregular Plurals Boom Cards” is a “Fast Pin.” With the “Fast Pin” parents can easily access the sets with a simple pin number and use the cards for homework practice too at home!

Mixed Language Groups? No problem! 

What is really great is that a mixed group of students could all use this product and still be engaged. Your non-readers may just label what they see happening in the picture. Students working on sentence construction can use the image to build a sentence about what is happening! One of the images is a young gentleman standing in a suit, which would be great for students to either just label or create a sentence about. The paired image for the irregular plural is a bunch of people enjoying a friendly conversation. Your more advanced readers can practice choosing the irregular plural by choosing the correct answer from a field of three! 

Irregular Past Tense

Another incredible set of Boom Cards now available is “Irregular Past Tense Boom Cards!” This set gives opportunities for students to begin to learn irregular past tense. Again, this skill is of tremendous importance for communicating effectively, being able to engage in conversation, and even telling about their day! Oftentimes it is difficult to find age appropriate materials to teach irregular tenses and this set has authentic, real life pictures, and the Boom Card deck makes it super easy to use. 

What to Expect

This set of “Irregular Past Tense Boom Cards” uses the real life images to help students see, relate, label, and simply talk, but also take it a step further by filling in the blank with the irregular past tense of the verb. The first card will be a realistic image with a related sentence underneath. For example, “The boy is sleeping.” Of course this is accompanied by a real life picture of a boy sleeping! When you move to the next card, you will see the same image, but this time the sentence will be a fill in the blank with a new sentence asking for the irregular past tense. “Last night he was ________.” Now our students will have to identify from three different options the correct irregular past tense. Of course these also use the “Fast Pin” feature so families can use the decks at home for additional practice as well!

Need to Differentiate?

Although this set is all about irregular past tense, it really does lend itself to your mixed groups! Sentences under the images make it perfect for your readers in your group! But, the images can easily be used for labeling for our non-readers too! Non-readers can even build their own sentences around the image. Those students that are ready for the grammar instruction can continue learning by identifying the correct irregular past tense, while your students who aren’t  ready are still being exposed to some incredible language, conversation, and are still an intrical part of the session! 

Don’t miss out on these essential sets for your teletherapy, in person, or even homework with the Fast Pin option for developing language skills for your incredible students. Irregular Past Tense and Irregular Plural Boom Cards are developmentally appropriate, perfect for all ages interactive, and engaging! Make teaching grammar to mixed groups of students as easy as pie! 


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