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Social Skills and Teletherapy

By Rosemarie Griffin

Building Social Skills with Boom Cards! 

Interested in engaging students to build social skills? Social skills are so important to our learners, especially students with autism! What better way to develop social skills than with Boom Cards! Boom Cards are an incredible resource  that is completely digital, and interactive! They can easily be used in teletherapy or in person. Combine the interactivity of Boom Cards with guiding conversation questions, and visual supports and your students will love practicing social skills! 

Available right now are 3 sets of Boom Cards to choose from titled, “Let’s Talk,“Time to Chat Primary” and “Time to Chat Secondary!” So what else do you need to know about this fantastic product? Read on and find out!

“Lets Talk”

Visuals, visuals, visuals! My favorite part of this set of Boom Cards for social skills is that the authentic images are so incredible for guiding our students in conversation. Each conversation topic features 4 bright, clear, real life images for potential student answers. The question topics range from breakfast, to seasons, friends, school and favorites! Can you believe there are 25 available social scenes to build conversations around? An example for the topic of breakfast is the question, “What do you like to eat for breakfast? There are four photographs of yummy breakfast food including eggs, muffins, pancakes and toast. Students can use the images to help guide their answer. This is especially true for our students that struggle answering these types of social skill questions. 

This product is perfect for teletherapy, easily accessible by students and great for in-person therapy too! Also, it works perfectly for students who may not speak verbally and use an IPad or other device to communicate. Mixed groups? No problem- this set will work for readers, non-readers and everyone in between.

“Time to Chat Primary”

Let’s get our students chatting! This set is geared toward our younger groups and includes 40 slides with 20 different conversation topics! Topics range from different ice cream flavors, to friends, family, seasons, school and even camping! What is amazing about this set is students will first see a slide with a large, real life image that is easy to connect to for students to label what they see and prepare for the guiding questions on the next slide. When you move to the paired slide, the image will still appear, a bit smaller, with 4 guiding questions to dive in more in depth about the topic! 

One of my favorites is the camping topic because camping is so big right now! The questions range from, Do you like to go camping? And then go to Would you rather go sit by the campfire or go hiking? The range of topics will provide so many opportunities for social reciprocity with all of your learners!

Oftentimes going more in depth into the social questions about specific topics is difficult for our learners. The social reciprocity takes time and teaching to get the students to fully engage in answering social questions, asking about the topic and also commenting on something a friend has said. The engaging images and guiding questions create the perfect opportunity for building this necessary skill with our students!

“Time to Chat Secondary”

As you might’ve guessed, this one is set up the same way as the primary with the main real life image on the first card, and then the second slide provides the same image, a little smaller, with the 4 guiding questions. The secondary set is perfect for grades 4 -high school! This set provides relevant photographs for secondary students including music and concerts, holidays, video games and even cell phones! Perfect for our older students! Build that reciprocity and get students not only answering questions, but asking and commenting to build social communication skills! The Time to Chat series is also great for teletherapy (in-person too) and mixed level groups! 
Check out these essential boom cards for social skills resources today and start building up those social skills with your groups today! “Let’s Talk” and “Time to Chat” (primary and secondary) are the perfect supplements to ease your planning for your teletherapy, in-person, mixed level groups, all ages, and of course that most important reciprocity of social skills!


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