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Adapted Books For Speech Therapy

By Rosemarie Griffin

Speech therapists are often tasked with providing therapy for learners with various language levels. When taking on the task of multiple language levels and also teletherapy, the challenges are already magnified. Take some time off your plate with these Adapted Books for Speech Therapy. The books offer so many great opportunities for students to develop their communication skills! The best part is the adapted books are themed, use real life pictures and simple text! Even more, there are also extension activities appropriate for all language levels and age levels! 

The Details

Let’s dive into what you can find in the adapted books! First, there are different themed books including, “Actions at Home,” which is so important right now with so many students doing distance learning, “Feelings,“Colors,“Shapes and another one of huge importance, “Personal Information.” 

Real Life Images, Simple Text, and Comprehension Questions

Each book provides colorful, real life images related to the themes, simple text and comprehension questions. The simple text will engage the readers in your group, while other students can simply label what is in the picture or even do a fill in the blank using the story itself, which is ideal for students with autism. A student with an augmented communication device can also participate by filling in the blank with ease through use of their device. The comprehension questions are fill in the blank questions building the super important prerequisite skill  to answering comprehension questions in the future, especially for our students with autism.

Social Questions

My favorite part of the book are the social questions to get students engaging in conversation. Social communication is so important for our speech therapy students! The conversation questions help our students to begin to learn how to comment on one another’s answers and keep the conversation going! The questions are all related to the theme of the book, encouraging students to refer back to the pictures! 

A Glimpse

Here is a glimpse at a few more of the books you could be benefiting from right now! Each book includes all the real life images, simple text, comprehension questions and social questions!

The adapted book for “Actions at Home” is chock full of great images relating to our students’ lives right now, especially because so many of them are spending a good amount of time home with distance learning and Coronavirus. The book uses simple language like, “I use a computer” and includes images to match! Considering how many students are home and using computers right now for school and therapy, this is a great start to conversation!

What an important one for our students!  The Feelings book includes all of the sections discussed above, but the faces in this one explore all the different feelings! This one is definitely a great opportunity to get students commenting on their feelings and participating in conversation about what they agree with each other on! 

Talk about vibrant! The “Colors Adapted Book” and “Shapes Adapted Book” are both full of genuine images with the different colors! Between the red roses and the purple sky with lightning, students are really going to love this one! The fill in the blank comprehension questions use the authentic, colorful images to help students and the conversation questions talk about favorites! Let the conversation roll!

Lastly, let’s help our students know their personal information like address and phone number! Simple language and support for all of the students in the same group! The clear, real life images support our students and encourage communication in a bunch of ways!

These various adapted books are a MUST if you are working with multi level students or dong teletherapy.  Of course it works really great in person too! Imagine the use you will get out of it both ways! Try one of the themes, then come back for the rest! You and your students will truly love these! Check out these great Adapted Books for Speech Therapy now!


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