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Themed Language Activities For Students With Autism

By Rosemarie Griffin

Building language skills is the ultimate foundation of communication for our incredible students! We are always looking for the best therapy resources that are functional for our students with complex needs. Well, you have come to the right place! This new series of themed language therapy activity workbooks have it all! 

The workbooks are themed by season, with real-life pictures, and comprehensive, exciting activities to best serve the complex needs of our students. The themed workbooks available now are Fall-themed (think Halloween, Thanksgiving, pumpkins, football, and more), Spring (rainy days, adorable baby animals, baseball, blooming flowers, and everything spring), and also, Winter (snowmen, sledding, scarves, and everything brrrrr)! Looking for one more? Summer is already available! Let’s dive into the details of these valuable resources! 


One of the greatest aspects of these themed language workbooks is the versatility! They are not only appropriate for all ages but also perfectly adaptable for all communication needs. As a therapist, you may work with students with varying language abilities at the same time, but here is your solution! All students can be working with the same theme, same workbook, but totally appropriate to their age and individual complex needs. Even if you have readers and nonreaders in the same group, you can meet their individual needs! Students with augmentative communication devices can also easily use this resource!

Jumping into the Table of Contents

The language workbooks really do have it all! We start with Pictures. The themed pictures of the season are clear, true-life images that students will easily be able to connect with. 

We move to Matching to build connections between the words and images. Next up are Reading Passages with reading comprehension questions. Use these for the readers in your group or read aloud and practice communication around comprehension. 

Even more amazing, included in the workbooks are themed Comprehension Questions to help students communicate their understanding of the theme! Think about the great conversations you can have around the different seasons.

Ramp up those critical thinking skills along with communication with Compare and Contrast themed activities, Identifying Categories, or Which One Doesn’t Belong? Each activity creates opportunities for deeper thinking while furthering language skills! Of course, all three activities continue to use authentic images to give the ever-helpful visual!

Let’s Talk about Social Questions 

Building social skills is so valuable for our student’s growth in communication, and confidence in social situations! The Social Questions, that of course follow the theme of the workbook, give exceptional opportunities to do just that, socialize! Students with complex needs often get overwhelmed by social interaction, so the visuals and themed topic of the workbooks will not only support students but also build confidence in social situations! Even more, the questions can absolutely allow for modeling social behaviors! 


Some of our students are ready for a little more! Vocabulary and grammar are both huge parts of the themed language workbooks. The vocabulary offers a specific list of themed vocabulary and a graphic organizer for students to delve into this word work! 

Take a look at a few of the other sections that focus on word study!

Synonyms- Understanding words with similar meanings is a huge advantage in communication. Students have access to real-life images, a common word, and a choice of three options to match the meaning.

Antonyms- This activity is similar to the synonyms, but looking for the antonym or opposite meaning! 

Multiple meaning words- Students identify images and choose the word that matches both recognizing a multiple meaning! The multiple meaning words activity is only available in the Fall workbook!

Irregular Plurals- Available in the Spring workbook, students draw a line from the singular to the plural recognizing how it is irregular!

Irregular Past Tense- Available in the Winter workbook, students will match present tense to past tense learning how they are irregular.

Last, but not Least: Following Directions 

Practice with following directions will benefit all students, but especially students with pre-academic needs! Students will do various tasks by following directions like put an X on the scarecrow or color the tree green. Directions are also themed and include a picture for students to refer to during the activity!

Don’t wait! Purchase these themed language therapy activity workbooks today! Help your students build their functional language skills in each season! 


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