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Picture Scenes For Speech Therapy

By Rosemarie Griffin

In-person? Teletherapy? Are you looking for easy ways to open the doors of functional communication for your students with real-life images? These Picture Scenes for Speech Therapy are exactly what you need! Photographs are one of the backbones of language skills for students with disabilities, especially autism. Let’s give students authentic opportunities to learn to generalize language and maintain their language skills outside of therapy! 

If this sounds like what you need for your learners, you must check out our series of “Picture Scenes for Speech Therapy” with new scenes available now! The series includes sets of authentic images to increase engagement and best of all, they provide opportunities for all ages of learners!

Vibrant, engaging, and versatile! 

Each set of “Picture Scenes” includes 20 engaging images based on the same theme, topic, or location to allow students to work on the generalization of language skills. Let’s talk about an example. If you are using the image of the bedroom, students can make specific language connections. They can label the bed and the dresser in the room, but also look for smaller details like the lamp and discuss the uses of each item. Think of the expansive functional vocabulary they will be building!

What is also great about the Picture Scenes is the versatility! They are built for all ages and all language abilities! Early learners can focus on just labeling, where more advanced learners may construct sentences about what they see, and even more advanced students may use the image for story generation! They are completely functional for building receptive and expressive social language skills. 

Even more, the images lend themselves to open-ended conversations and general use of speech skills, all the way to more targeted comprehension questions based on the photographs. In the community set, imagine a barbershop with two barbers, bright colors, clients, or in another scene, there is a coffee shop with customers sitting at tables having conversations! There are also captions for guiding the conversation like, “Just take a little off the top” in the barbershop and “Should I have another cup?” in the coffee shop. 

New Picture Scenes Available 

Now available are new picture scenes including Community (referenced in the previous paragraph), Feeling pictures, and Fall themed! You can also still purchase the General Scenes, Home Scenes, Winter Scenes, School Scenes and Spring Scenes!  Use your time to focus on language development and leave the engaging images to us! 

Community Scenes

The community scenes have so much value because our students are constantly seeing  or visiting these community places. There are images for school, a park, a firehouse, barbershop and coffee shop to share a few! The images also include captions to help build conversation around what people may say in those environments. Again younger students can just label the fire truck, where more advanced or older students can talk about why the trucks are parked and why it may be quiet at the firehouse right now. 

Feeling Scenes

These scenes are so important for our students because, not only does it use real people showing real emotions, it allows our students to build language around emotions and helps students recognize the emotion in the future. Babies to adults are used in the images for a variety of different people portraying the emotions. These images also allow for simple labeling, sentence construction or to build entire stories about the feelings

Fall Scenes

The fall scenes are just that, fall themed! There is football, pumpkins, and Halloween. What better way to get your students talking than using common topics for this time of the year! Students will love being able to use their language skills on their trip to the pumpkin patch! The functional vocabulary learned from these images is so rewarding.

In-person or Teletherapy- No Problem!

Another amazing aspect of these picture scenes is you can print them and laminate them for students in person and reuse them over and over! But you can also open them on a Smart Board, computer or IPad to use quickly and effectively in class or you can use them for teletherapy by opening them for students to see on the computer! This resource is so valuable for those of us doing teletherapy right now! 

Make sure to jump on TeachersPayTeachers to grab your Picture Scenes for Speech Therapy today! Community, Feeling and School are all new, but if you don’t already have them, General Scenes, FAll, Home, Winter, and Spring are also available!


  1. maira gutierrez

    Where can I find all the vocational units?

    • Rosemarie Griffin

      Hi! TI will send you an email with more information


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