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Language Activities For Students With Autism

By Rosemarie Griffin

We know that students with autism struggle with their ability to generalize their skills. So a student may be able to label a picture that he/she has seen in therapy with the speech therapist but may not be able to label a slightly different picture of the same item. Using multiple examples helps our students plan for the generalization of language skills. So instead of working on labeling by showing the student the same one picture over and over, we use a variety of pictures!

Our new language series – ” I CAN TALK ABOUT” includes multiple real life images for students to practice labeling. In addition, it includes a section for practicing verbal imitation skills, receptive identification skills and social conversation skills.

Each packet includes 25 different items to discuss. You can choose from our transportation theme, food theme or animal theme! Real life pictures make this a functional and age respectful product for learners of all ages.

See our transportation packet here.

See our animal packet here.

See our food packet here.

Purchase today and help your students with autism work on functional language skills!


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From this free download, you'll get real-life examples of specific, measurable goals for expressive language, receptive language, play skills, and imitation.

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