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Freebie Included: Teletherapy Speech Therapy Activities: Preschool and Elementary Students With Autism

By Rosemarie Griffin

Teletherapy for preschool and elementary aged students with autism can be a challenge! I want to share resources with you that will help your students with their communication skills.

BOOM CARDS are a super fun way to make therapy engaging! You can purchase them at BOOM LEARNING or on the TPT store. You can use this set for your students who are new to talking or who are working on using one and two syllable words! Check them out here.

Boom card for distance learning. Picture of a bus

Describing an item to a student and having them guess the item described is a fun way to target language skills! What Am I? is a BOOM CARD activity that can be used to work on language skills but also as a game! Your students will LOVE guessing the items! Perfect for individual and group therapy. Check it out here.

Starting each session with conversation is something I do with most of my students. Embedding opportunities to work on social language skills is always important! At times, my students may have trouble answering a conversation question, if a visual is not shown. Do you encounter the same thing? I created Let’s Talk to help my students with visual conversation skills! Check it out here.

Another resource that I could not live without are ADAPTED BOOKS. ADAPTED BOOKS are a life saver! You can share your screen with your student and read the book together. I love to use real life pictures when I am working with students with more complex needs. See some of my favorite titles below.

Our trip to the zoo

Let’s talk vehicles

Adapted books for the year

The last 2 resources that I wanted to mention are Storyline Online and EPIC BOOKS. Storyline Online is the coolest resource. Where actors read amazing books to students aloud. EPIC BOOKS is also another favorite of mine! I love EPIC because it is FREE. I also love it because you can have the books read to the student, you can read the book to the student or you can have the student read the book- so many ways to differentiate instruction!

The last resource I wanted to share is our FREE BOOM CARD activity. It is called Fill In the Blank FREEBIE. It includes 20 slides. 10 slides include a fill in the blank phrase and a mystery box. The student tries to fill in the blank and then clicks the mystery box. This takes you to the next slide to see if you were correct. A must have for any elementary distance learning session.

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