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Speech Therapy: Free Action Builder Cards

By Rosemarie Griffin

Are you working with students with delays in receptive and expressive language skills? Students who struggle with the generalization of language skills? Then this will be a great freebie to use with your students.

The action builder card freebie includes 6 cards. It includes 6 examples of washing. Boy washing hands, girl washing hands, boy washing dish, girl washing dish, boy washing hair, girl washing hair. It also includes the guiding text on the back. This freebie includes 6 of the best-selling action builder cards. You can show the cards online while engaged in telepractice or when providing face to face instruction.

The entire set includes 100 flashcards that depict real life functional actions. Each picture also includes guiding text on the back. These cards help your students increase their ability to: label actions, label nouns, generate functional phrases, construct grammatically correct sentences.

Put your email below and the 6 free action builder freebie will be sent to you!

To learn more about the action builder cards watch this video of Mary Barbera using them with her son Lucas.

See the entire set here.


  1. Tricia

    thank you for these

    • Rosemarie Griffin

      Glad they are helpful! ūüôā


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