Understanding how words are related is a very important part of helping our students increase their expressive language skills. I love to embed activities for naming items that belong to a category for students who are working on increasing this skill!

The category activity shared below can be great to use during individual or small group sessions. I love to share this activity with students by showing it on an ipad or smartboard. A functional no prep activity that you can use today! Put your information below and the category freebie will be sent directly to you. Share with me on Instagram how you are using this activity today.

If you want a more in-depth resource to work on category skills with your students, Category- Name it is perfect!

Category- Name It includes 50 engaging color pages to help your students learn more about naming categories and items that belong to specific categories. It also includes 50 black and white pages of the same categories- to save that ink.

A perfect resource to use for labeling members of a category or the category itself. Great to print or show on an ipad or computer. A perfect no prep way to provide functional language therapy.


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