Winter is here! Whether we like it or not. I love being able to discuss the seasons with my students. Using real pictures, allows learners of all ages to have access to age appropriate materials. I wanted to provide this Winter lesson plan so that you could use this with your students. Make sure to put your email below to receive your free winter would you rather questions.

I often repeat books and activities with my students, so that they can really grasp the concepts addressed. This lesson is perfect to use for individual sessions, but lends itself to being used in small group lessons as well.

I would start the lesson with the Winter Would You Rather Questions.

I love using would you rather questions, as they can be a fun way to get students talking back and forth. For students who benefit from a visual, that is included here!

After the would you rather questions, I would read a Winter themed book. I have created adapted winter books to use with my students. See those here.

Reading a themed book helps to reinforce the vocabulary you are addressing with your students. I love to show the adapted books on an ipad or a smartboard. Targeting student goals through literacy based activities is a wonderful way to keep learners engaged.

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What a fun and functional way to address all things Winter! This is what I will be working on in my therapy room. Make sure to visit me on Instagram to see this lesson in action.

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