As we get settled into the new school year, we may be working with students with autism and other complex communication needs. It can be overwhelming to know where to start at times with students who are non-verbal or limited verbally. I have created many free resources that will help your students increase their overall language skills.

  1. Want to learn more about my 5 step process in getting started in therapy to help students with autism increase their communication skills? Take my free email course. 

2. Do you want to improve your progress monitoring skills for students with autism? I have created a free course that includes a webinar and free data sheets. Check that out here. 

Progress monitoring for classroom based speech therapy can be overwhelming. Let this free webinar and data sheets help you streamline the process!

3. Want to take a shorter course that is about 15 minutes and gives you a quick start guide to getting started in therapy when working with students with autism. Check out my freebie course. 

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