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Speech therapy activities- a focus on literacy

By Rosemarie Griffin


Working on literacy skills with students during therapy sessions can be so very important and vital in helping them increase their overall receptive and expressive language skills. It can also be a super fun way to work on labeling skills. If you are working with a student who can remain attentive when looking at a book, this might be a great way to work on labeling. If your student is distracted when looking at a book, it may be a good first step to work on labeling with a more static image and generalize the labeling activity to a book. An example of a more static image would be a flashcard or object.

So if you are working on labeling nouns, actions, phrases, sentences or any combination of those- using a book can be a great way to target these skills. I like to use a literacy log to include the specific book and examples that have been worked on in therapy sessions. Setting a mastery criterion is important as well, this will be based on the individuals needs. An example would be, Quinn will label 3 nouns, 1 action and 1 phrase with 100% accuracy, over 2 consecutive sessions. Picking a book that is appropriate for the learners language level and age is also key!

Sharing with the other team members what book and targets are being addressed, helps us plan for generalization. Reading is also such a wonderful activity that can be worked on in the home environment for learning and fun! I have included the literacy log that I like to use at the bottom of this post. It helps me stay organized and makes documentation a breeze. Enjoy!

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A wonderful way to document data

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