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Speech Therapy Activities For Students Who Are Non-Verbal Email Course

By Rosemarie Griffin

Are you working with students who are struggling to develop a way to communicate with the world? It can be overwhelming with knowing where to start. I have created this email course that will come right to your inbox with videos to help guide you in this process. There are 3 videos in this course. The course outline is as follows:

0-10 minutes – Where to start when working with students who are non-verbal, assessment, building a therapeutic rapport

10 – 20 minutes – How will the student communicate, providing collaborative services

20-30 minutes – Working on requesting to increase communication

Presenter Disclosure: Financial: Rose Griffin is the creator of Action Builder Cards  and receives royalties from their sales. Non-financial: Rose is creator of the “ABA Speech” website and blog.

Content Disclosure: This learning event does not focus exclusively on any specific product or service.

This is a beginner level course. Area: Professional.

Thanks so much for your dedication to helping students find their voice!

Help your students find their voice!

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