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Social skills hack for elementary to high school students

By Rosemarie Griffin


Having a little fun in therapy is always a good thing. It helps students stay motivated and makes therapy fun for all! I can’t even remember how I came across this amazing site but I have been using it for more years than I would like to mention. I am getting to that point in my career where I would be considered “seasoned” or old ūüôā I love to use the word generator section of the website This site has other fun sections – but to be honest – this is the only section that I use with students. This game is quick, free and fun! Let me tell you a couple of ways that I have used it with my clients.

  1. I use this game during the last couple of minutes with an individual client or a small group of clients. A word pops up and the student has to give clues so that we can all guess the word. I love that for some students this is a true language activity and for others it might just be a fun way to spend the last couple of minutes of therapy.
  2. Are you working with students who have above average language skills but maybe are seeing you for other reasons, this game is great too – because it has varying levels. You can go to a very advanced level – which some of my students adore! They love the challenge!!
  3. I have also used this website to play charades with my students with more intense needs. A word pops up and instead of describing the word- we act out the word. I taught the students how to play the game and then wrote up how we played and sent it home to their parents, so that they could generalize this skill to the home environment.
  4. The word generator has a variety of games ( pictionary, catch phrase, etc…). This lends itself to the therapist or teacher using it the way that is best for their students.I hope that your students enjoy this burst of fun as much as mine have! If you are working with students who would benefit from more modified leisure or play opportunities, check out my modified leisure workbook below. 

Download the leisure guide

Upper Elementary - High School Leisure Guide

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