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Speech therapy activity – adapted books

By Rosemarie Griffin
I love to use adapted books
in therapy. Creating materials was one of the draws to our field upon entering
and it is still something I really enjoy. I love making my own adapted books because
it allows me to create lessons based on specific vocabulary that is important
for my students. Adapted books can also be modified to be as easy or as
difficult, based on the needs of the students you are serving.
The way that I show my
adapted books varies based on my student’s engagement level and with the
technology available at my various work settings. They can be shown on a
smartboard, computer, ipad or as a printed book.
I use these books to
reinforce or teach functional vocabulary. They lend themselves to work on
reading, labeling, filling in the blanks, answering questions and cooperative
group work when done with others.
Below I want to share some of
my favorites.
In this book readers are taken to see all of the animals they see when they visit a farm. So fun to read when discussing this thematic unit or when going on a farm field trip. 
In this book, readers go through a story about a family trip to the grocery store. Different experiences and food encountered is discussed. So great to show on an iPad on the way to the grocery store or to discuss this functional life trip! 
In this book, we discuss activities we engage in during each season. We also discuss what clothing is appropriate for each season. It is such a wonderful way to work on categorizing as well. A must read! 
In this book, we discuss a trip to the library. I like to read this with students when we introduce the idea of going to the library. We read this book, worked on vocabulary, practiced using our library cards and then went to the library. A functional life skill and one that students can enjoy with friends and family! 
This is a book that is yet to be created! Are you looking for something specific that you just can’t find. Let me make it for you! A custom book for exactly what you need. I would love to create something perfect for your students. 
So when you want to go over a specific topic with your students, think about using an adapted book. Adapted books are a wonderful resource. I hope that you will check these out and the many other titles that I have on my TPT store. 
Want to learn more about systematic language instruction for students with autism, visit me at 
Check out my tutorial about using adapted books here: 


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