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A fun website all SLPs should know about!

By Rosemarie Griffin
As a school based speech
language pathologist, I work with students from grades kindergarten to 10th
grade. With that broad range of ages, abilities and variety of goals, there are
so many resources and tools that I need to know about and utilize on a daily
basis. One of the tools that I love and that my students love is called Go
Noodle ( This website
is so amazing and can be used for a wide range of students! Did I mention that
it is free?  Hooray for awesome free
Go Noodle is a website that
is known for online videos that focus on physical activity and interactive
learning. It has many different offerings to include but not limited to: Kidz
Bop sing and dance along songs, holiday themed dance videos, videos focused on
gross and fine motor skills, videos focused on building empathy and videos with
more of a curricular focus. Below I will tell you about the ways that I love to
utilize this free and amazing resource.
My students have 2 favorite
channels on Go Noodle- Kidz Bop and Koo Koo Kangaroo. Both offer great music
that is catchy and makes students want to interact and have fun together. I use
these skills to target the following goals:
o  Requesting – Students take a turn picking a song
o  Cooperative leisure skills – Students engage in
cooperative leisure with their classmates
o  Gross motor imitation – Students imitate the dance
moves on the videos that we are watching together
o  Recalling events – Students tell about the videos that
we have watched during group
o  Turn taking – Students wait and take their turn to
pick a video within a group setting
o  Spontaneously joining a group activity
If I am using this resource
within a cooperative group activity, I typically will use it towards the end of
the group. The students that I use this with really enjoy listening to music
and some even dance along. Listening to music and doing so within a group is a
functional life skill that will help students increase their leisure skill
repertoire. So what are you waiting for? Check out this website today and let
me know how it goes!

I have included a video all
about using Go Noodle during therapy sessions. Happy watching and if you have
any questions or just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to contact me at


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