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Foundational Skills For Young Autistic Learners - Where to start in therapy

Episode #073: Foundational Skills For Young Autistic Learners – Where to start in therapy

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by your intervention plans and not sure where to start? When working with non speaking students and younger autistic learners it can be difficult to understand what skills to start with especially when you haven’t gotten a clear picture from typical assessments and standardized testing. Today I am sharing with you what I have found over my 20 year SLP career to be the top 8 foundational skills to start with these learners right away!

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Play Skills Development

Play is this fascinating tool that allows children to absorb information, learn, engage, socialize, and communicate. Play is vital to children’s development. Play is a …

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Episode #035: Play and Social Skills for Young Autistic Students

Many therapists, teachers, and parents are preparing to re-introduce their students to the face-to-face classroom for the first time since COVID. Students with Autism and other complex communication issues can struggle with peer-to-peer interaction in unstructured leisure time. I’m sharing how I modify popular group games to be accessible to these students to increase and facilitate shared group activity. It is my goal that with these tips you can help your students or children practice communication and leisure skills across all environments.

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Episode #029: Play-Based Therapy – A Conversation with Emily Cohen

Play based therapy opens the door to facilitate social, play, and language interactions. Speech therapist Emily Cohen joins me today to talk about the ins and outs of the opportunities that can be found with play. She shares advice and ideas for parents for getting the most out of play time and building their children’s skills.

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