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The Communication Matrix

Communication is powerful. Many of our autistic learners are not communicating through speech or writing, but are still communicating. How do you determine what goals …

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Episode #049: An Introduction To The Early Start Denver Model with Dr. Megan Miller

It can be hard for parents, especially for those with non-neurotypical learners, to lead play with their kids. Today I am talking with Dr. Megan Miller, a thought leader in our field. She is the creator of the Do Better Movement, a professional development initiative. She shares some great information on The Early Start Denver Model, and it’s framework for joint attention and play based therapy. Today’s episode is full of so many usable tips and profound thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

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Episode #040: How Can I Help My Child with Expressive Language Delay?

Effective communication is the foundation of successful interactions. Ashley Scott, SLP-BCBA, shares some real and simple strategies to building expressive language with your child. We discuss language skills beyond the therapy room, what may be holding you and your child back, and the importance of independence in successful language.

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